Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scholarship scheme benefiting only rich

KATHMANDU: Scholarship schemes in medical and engineering programmes for children of government employees have been charged as discriminatory.

A sum of Rs 60 million was distributed to 438 medical and engineering students the previous year. However, those not studying medicine and engineering were deprived of assistance. Another charge is that the scheme has benefited only some well-to-do families.

A joint-secretary of the government, seeking anonymity, said the scheme is against the right to equality. He further said. “The scheme discriminates lower level employees, whose children may not be interested in medicine or engineering or cannot meet the pre-requisites to pursue those degrees.”

Secretary at Ministry of General Administration Balananda Paudel said the scheme was to assist in the field of expensive education. He also said the scholarship was meant to meet the demand for doctors and engineers. Besides, students would have to serve the country on completion of the degree.

For this year too, Rs 60 million has been earmarked.

According to the ‘Directory for Providing Scholarship to the Children of Civil Servants, 2009’, applicants must be studying at a college and should apply with the annual fee amounts along with other related documents.
source:The Himalayan Times