Sunday, February 13, 2011

School's campaign to quit their parent's bad habit turns effective

PARBAT: Normally, academic institutions are supposed to assign homework to their students but a school at Chitre VDC in Parabat district urges its students to bring cigars and alcohol at school for the following day from their homes.

The students also follow the teachers' orders and carry the cigars and alcohol, if there are at their homes, to the school. But, the students here in the village are not supplying the liquor to quench the thirst of a particular group nor they provide the cigars to anybody else. This is the trend initiated by Panchakoshi Secondary School, the exemplary school in the district, to disassociate the parents from the habit of consuming alcohol and smoking.

Similarly, the school awards the students for their efforts to bring the liquor and tobacco from their homes.

The school administration says such campaign was initiated with a view to making the village a smoking free zone.

Teacher Madhusudan Adhikari said the campaign was started fearing that the students were prone to developing the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol by learning from their parents.

Adhikari said the school provides equal amount of money to the students as per the market value of the cigars and alcohol that they bring in the school.

According to Adhikari, a basket of tobacco and cigarettes have been collected after the campaign. However, proper implementation regarding the alcohol has not been effective as yet, he acknowledges.

Likewise, number of drunkards, smokers and tobacco users has decreased considerably in the village, claimed Adhikari.

An elderly local, Agandhar Chapagain, said he quit the habit of smoking after the school's campaign and grandchildren's efforts.

source:The Himalayan Times