Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Students' exhibition traces consumer behaviour

    The stu dents of MBA IIIrd Mar keting of King's College organised an exhibition on marketing -Consumer Behaviour Exhibition -on the college premises on February 26.

    There was exhibition of adverts of different entities -commercial, social, manufacturing based and services. The exhibition had on display over 1,000 print ads and a 20minute documentary on the behaviour of Nepali consumers at the Kalimati vegetable market, various shopping malls of Kathmandu, banks and hospitals.
    The documentary, which was a one day video shoot from morning to evening in different market areas by students, presented the real reactions of consumers. Some consumers were very cooperative and gave honest comments for the documentary, while some consumers as expected were conscious in front of the camera. It had been a challenge for the students to capture the true behaviour of consumers.

    The newspaper advertisements displayed the repositioning strategy, segmentation, comparison among various competitive products. For Photo: Courtesy Manjula Koirala this purpose, newspapers of one year were collected and displayed in the exhibition.

    More than 300 participants -students, faculties and marketing professionals -visited the exhibition which tried to display how a consumer behaves in a small road side shop and big malls. Students expressed the feeling of love and hatred towards a particular product during the event.

    Product modification was also a part of the exhibition that displayed the reaction of consumers. Each participant reacted in a different way when they saw their regular seen products presented in an unusual way. An attempt to trace the true behaviour of consumers was the main objective of the exhibition.
    The exhibition also tried to display different marketing strategies used by companies to attract consumers. The exhibition was also interactive as the participants actively took part in the question-answer session. As it was probably the first attempt of the students, it was not a perfect event but was fruitful to help the students learn things practically.
    -Manuja Koirala, MBA IIIrd Semester,King's College,Kathmandu