Monday, September 9, 2013

    TU Bachelor of Pharmacy B.Pharma Colleges in Nepal, Tribhuvan University

    B.Pharm. programme is a four-year course introduced at Maharajgunj Campus under Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 2000 AD. It is the only college under Tribhuvan University (TU) that runs B. Pharm. programme till date.

    Goal of the Programme:
    The goal of the program is to produce qualified pharmacists who could provide pharmaceutical services in the capacity of:
    > community and hospital pharmacists
    > specialists in technology and research
    > managers of pharmaceutical services
    > specialists in various scientific aspects of pharmacy

    The basic professional education will enable the graduates to demonstrate a broad understanding of the scientific principles and techniques of the pharmaceutical sciences. At the same time, it will also enable them to continue their studies to undertake postgraduate training and research. The program has been inspired by the values that pharmacists should be the vital members of the health care team and they will hold job either in government or private sector in important areas such as community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, regulatory control and drug management, pharmaceutical industry, quality assurance, academic activities, training activities and research.

    In order to provide quality services in the above mentioned areas, the graduates will be able to
    > demonstrate professional competence to work as member of the multi professional health care team
    > demonstrate broad understanding of the scientific basis of the specialty of pharmacy
    > integrate and apply the skill and knowledge in practice creatively as per
    > Requirement in the areas identified above
    > function effectively as team member of the collaborative research projects
    > Demonstrate competence in searching, handling and integrating information and applying knowledge, skills and attitudes in professional problem-solving.

    Some of the Tribhuvan  University affiliated Colleges offering Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma) Course are:

    1. Matrix College  [ view details]

    2. Sunsari Technical College [ view details]

    3. LA College of Higher Studies [view details ]

    4. TU, IOM [view details ]

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