Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What after SLC?

The result of the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams showed that 43.92 per cent students got through the Iron Gate. Now it is time for these successful students to join colleges for higher education. During their search for colleges, some students tend to follow their friends, some seek help from parents, seniors, friends or teachers. And colleges advertise their facilities while offering different kinds of discounts. Therefore, students should be cautious while choosing colleges so that they don’t make wrong choices and regret in the future.

Excited students, their aspirations
Alish Basnet and Ashish Ghimire graduated from Mount Glory English Boarding High School, Tahachal this year.

Excited about their higher studies, they have decided on the subject and college to study. “I am going to study Computer Science as this era is all about computer technologies,” shares Basnet, who is motivated by his elder brother’s IT store to study this subject.

“Determined” about his choice, Basnet claims, “It’s the 21st Century and I feel there is more scope in computer technology than other fields. Meanwhile, I am also good at subjects like Maths, Accounts and Social Studies.”

Ghimire, who has decided to join the Science stream with the guidance of his parents expresses, “There is good scope for those studying Science and after +2, I am going to go into the engineering field.”

Another SLC graduate, Dipendra Tamang from Nepal Adarsha Secondary School, Ganabahal, is interested in cooking lessons and is opting for Hotel Management course.

He shares, “I have knowledge of cooking and I am also interested in the hospitality industry. Meanwhile, my tuition teacher has suggested me to join college with Hotel Management course.”

But not all students are sure about the subjects and colleges they wish to study in. Some of them are still confused and Anisha Pokhrel is one of them. The SLC graduate from Shree Saraswati Niketan Secondary School, Bhramatole opines, “My seniors have suggested me to study Hotel Management and I almost got tempted to study that. But I am interested to study Chartered Accountancy (CA). I have told my parents about my interest. Though I was in a dilemma before, now I am sure I will join CA after my +2.”

Before choosing college
After deciding which subject to study, you need to find the right college. There are certain criteria while choosing a perfect college where Educationist Dr Mana Prasad Wagley explains, “The first thing students must inquire about is the teachers and should opt for colleges having full-time teachers. Then students should look for availability of extracurricular activities like music, dance et cetera. Finally look for IT facilities such as wi-fi and proper computer lab.”

Having full-time teachers means the teachers can give full attention to the students, as per Wagley. And extracurricular activities help in their physical and mental development.

But how would one know about the college? He advises, “Before joining a college, consult senior students who are studying in that college. If the students keep these things in mind, they will be able to secure a good educational life and won’t regret later.”

Dissatisfied with the information she got from a few colleges, Manzita Khadgi, who passed SLC exams from Shree Saraswati Niketan Secondary School opines, “I wanted to study Management course with Computer Science. Though I visited a few colleges, I am not getting enough information about the course. I am little disappointed as there is no one to help me out and clear my confusions related to the subject as I am the first child of my parents.”

Dr Wagley finds the problem in the “market that is full of unhealthy competition. In addition, most parents do not inquire about the colleges before sending their children and even our schools do not counsel the students about opting for a college or subject.”

To tackle such problems, he advises, “Students should opt for the course according to the marks obtained and as per their interest. They should keep in mind about their parents’ financial condition too. Parents should at least ask other parents whose children are studying in that particular college and take their suggestions before admitting their own children in any college.”

However, one needs to be cautious like Khadgi while taking others’ advice. Khadgi reveals, “My friends forced me to join Science stream but I know my aim. So I am not joining with them as it is about my future and my decision. It is better not to regret the choice later.”

source:The Himalayan Times, 18 June 2014
photo art:Ratna Sagar Shrestha / THT