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MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries from Wharton Business School,USA

Wharton Business School provides a broad range of fellowships opportunities for a number of exceptional students thanks to the generosity of individuals, corporate and foundation donors, and the Wharton School.

All admitted students are considered for Wharton Fellowship support based on the application for admission. Criteria for fellowship selection includes unique personal qualities and background, academic achievement, exceptional professional development, and community involvement.

> Awards are offered in the Admission and Financial Aid letter.
> Fellowships are two-year awards, split equally over four semesters for a typical MBA student.
> The Wharton Fellowship Committee does not offer reconsideration of fellowship support.

The information below is a select list of special fellowships available at Wharton.

> Joseph Wharton Fellowships
Joseph Wharton Fellowships are named in honor of Joseph Wharton, the founder of the Wharton School. These fellowships are awarded to students with outstanding records of academic, personal, and professional achievements.

> Howard E. Mitchell Fellowships
Established in 1992, in honor of former Wharton professor Howard E. Mitchell, WG ’51, this fellowship is awarded to traditionally underrepresented domestic populations, specifically Black/African American, Latino/Hispanic, Native American/American Indian or Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian/Asian Pacific Islander to provide financial support to graduate students of color, based on proven leadership, academic excellence, work experience, and/or demonstrated commitment to empowering traditionally underrepresented groups. Each year, a cohort of students receives full tuition, engages in leadership programming, and joins a large network of other Mitchell Fellows and alumni.

> Emerging Economy Fellowships:
Emerging Economy Fellowships are offered to support students from emerging economies throughout the world.

> Forté Fellowships
Forte Fellowships are awarded each year to outstanding female students who demonstrate exemplary leadership academically, professionally or creatively, as well as a proven commitment to the empowerment of women in education or the workplace.

> Social Impact Fellowships
Social Impact Fellowships are offered to students with demonstrated leadership in the public and/or not-for-profit sectors.

> Corporate and Foundation Fellowships
The following select list of corporations and foundations are fellowship supporters of named Wharton MBA fellowships:

Field of study:
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

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