Tuesday, November 10, 2020

    Global IME Bank Limited Opportunity for Various Services

    Opportunity for Professional Consulting Services
    Global IME Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Nepal with balance sheet size of over NPR 260 Billion, customer base of above 2 million and strong presence across the nation. The wide presence of the Bank spans into 71 districts with over 260 branches, extension counters as well as government revenue collection counters. The A-one customer service have been assured through bank’s 3200 plus energetic and dedicated professional workforce.

    Global IME Bank has always thrived to imprint itself as a trusted bank to its customers offering various economic services qualitatively and competitively. Our thrust to improve work culture in all of our functional areas, delivery channels, digitization and automation as well as innovation of new products has remained a continuous process.

    The bank is moving ahead with great amount of public confidence. We believe that good governance and management practices have been very much instrumental in guiding our progress in the past and further ahead. Acknowledging the ever increasing challenges in the banking sector coupled with stringent regulatory requirement with respect to compliance, risk management as well as focused lending. We understand the importance of regular improvisation in the functional areas that may still require proper addressing. It is in this parlance that the Bank is planning to seek advisory services from professional in various functional areas as follows.

    1. HR Consultancy:

    This service Is for the purpose of developing and Implementation of an excellent KPI system in the Bank. Proposals should indicate the work procedure, tentative time period for development, and implementation. Outright purchase of application software along with consulting services for implementation of the same is preferred.

    2. Agriculture Lending Advisor:
    The Bank has already established a separate unit for agriculture sector lending purposes. The Advisor would draft a nationwide strategy for marketing and provide orientation training to the workforce. Post training period monitoring during the implementation phase for specific time period is desirable.

    3. Compliance/Risk Management Expert:

    The Bank has fully functional Compliance and integrated Risk Management Departments. The Expert is expected to review the existing practices in this regard, suggest improvements, and involved in implementation and monitoring.

    Proposals for all the above positions should indicate the working procedure, tentative time period for development and implementation, including monitoring

    4. Economist/Economic Analyst:
    This is a position requiring to keep abreast of all economic movements and happenings in the economy (domestic and International), maintain track records of policy chnages in all important sectors, e.g. trading, industrial and agriculture, etc. along with the anticipated impacts in the financial sector/bank business.etc. A periodic reporting including a briefing to the senior executives of the bank facilitating in their decision-making processes is expected.

    The position will be contractual. Bank's Strategy Department will provide secretarial assistance.

    5. Project/Energy Sector Analyst:
    Bank has substantial exposure in various industrial and energy sectors. This position will be contractual. Expression of Interest may he submitted separately for the position of General Project Analyst and/or Energy Sector Analyst.

    Adequate academic qualification as well as area-wise practical work experiences in employment or consulting service is desirable. Age is no bar Expression of interest shall be submitted Online via email at hr@gibl.com.np within 25 November 2020.

    The Bank shall reserve the right to reject any Expression of Interests without assigning reasons.

    Global IME Bank
    Corporate Office: Kamaladi, Kathmandu
    Tel: 01-4446150, 4446149

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    174 vacancies at Lok Sewa Aayog for various Officer Level positions