Thursday, July 28, 2022

Career Choice: Interior Design, Interior Design Training Institutes in Nepal

Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space. Interior designing is not just decoration of the interior space but it also involves aspects of environmental psychology, architecture and product design. Interior decorating is generally focused on the interior items only while interior design is more a multi-faceted task of manipulating the architectural integrity of the interior space. It not only decorates the space with the set of items but seeks to harmonise every little change that the space will be go through. Thus, it  is the arrangement of living space i.e organizing, managing, planning and decorating the interiors of rooms at homes, offices, retail shops, showrooms, hotels, airports, exhibition halls, conference centers, theatres, studios and commercial establishments.

Interior designing is all about using creativity and technical knowledge within a space to make it look attractive and more functional as per the client's wish. Combining knowledge with aesthetic vision, interior designers work with clients and other design professionals to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, attractive and meet the needs of the people using the space. But many times designers have to face difficulties because of the confrontation between the client's wish and the their style. But the best thing about this professtion is that it is more a passion than a profession and it is not always a nine to five job.

Nepali homes have always been rich in interior decorations. Though the style of decoration and the items utilized for decorating used to differ according to the communities and culture, Nepalese communities have always been keen towards decorating their living spaces. But as a trade or profession interior designing is very new to Nepal. The scope of interior designing is growing at a rapid rate becouse people have begun to realise the need and importance of creating "Beautiful Indoor Living Spaces." People have become more conscious of the design, layout and placement of their interiors, for offices, factories as well as residences.  This has maximized the chances of employment for professional interior designers. But if one opts for a career in this field he/she needs to be artistic and creative. Technical and aesthetic awareness, as well as practical skills to communicate design concepts in a professional manner is also important. Interior designers should also be flexible and sensitive to the requirements and preferences of the clients.

The field of interior designing has a wide range of working conditions and employment opportunities. Career prospects range from starting their own firms and taking up projects, to working in design companies, hotels, shopping malls, business complexes etc. They can also work in the field of engineering in the architectural firms. Large companies and firms usually provide full time jobs to these designers while designers for smaller firms often work on a contract basis.

The employment for interior designers may be found in interior designing companies or studios, property developers, retail chains and groups, shop fitting companies, office furniture manufacturers, hotels, departmental stores, exhibition companies and decorating practices. Likewise, an interior designer can work in a multiple of positions or roles. He/she can work as a stage designer, production artist,  space planner, sales associate for interiors, Assistant designer, Graphic Artist, architectural assistant, Free lancer etc.

Interior design is a rewarding profession for a professional with good experience and talent. But for a fresher it is quite hard to make a market image and earn at once. So, if you think that doing interior designing is like doing MBA or MIT where you get to start your career with a highly paid job offers you will be disappointed. The truth is different. Here you have to work very hard during the initial stages of your career. But once you attain some experiences and show some of your creative talents, you will realise that your earnings are worth your toil.

 Interior designer's earnings vary based on employer, number of years with experience, and the reputation of the individual. In case of those who work in designing companies, beginners monthly salary range between, Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20000 while established designers gets  Rs.50,000 to Rs. 100,000 per month depending upon the nature and size of project works. While in case of self-employed interior designers, for residential projects, they usually charge a per-hour fee plus a percentage of the total cost of furniture, lighting, artwork, and other design elements. And for commercial projects, they may charge per-hour/per sq. ft. fees, or a total fee for the whole project at once. So for a freelancer or a self-employed designer the monthly earnings fluctuate, all depending on the number of projects its size and complexity.

Institutes offering Interior Design classes as follows:
- Interior Designing Training at INIFD, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, 4435957, 4437892
- Interior Designing Training at IEC School Of Art & Fashion, Bagbazar, Kathmandu, 01-4247475, 01-42475