Sunday, September 25, 2022

Pokhara University School of Engineering admission notice

 Pokhara University, Faculty of Science and Technology, School of Engineering, Pokhara-30, Kaski call for application: School of Engineering Admission Committee-2079 (2022) announces admission open for fee-paying in the following Undergraduate Programs for the Year 2022

1. Program: BE Civil
Intake : Capacity (paying): 78
Location: Pokhara-30, Dhungepatan (Block A)

2. Program: BE Civil and Rural
Intake : Capacity (paying): 39
Location: Pokhara-30, Dhungepatan (Block A)

3. Program:BE Electrical and Electronics
Intake : Capacity (paying): 39
Location: Pokhara-30, Dhungepatan (Block B)

4. Program: BE Computer
Intake : Capacity (paying): 39
Location: Pokhara-30, Dhungepatan (Block B)

5. Program: BE Software
Intake : Capacity (paying): 39
Location: Pokhara-30, Dhungepatan (Block B)

Important Dates:
- Online application Submission Dates: Start 2079/06/09 from 10 AM
- Online application Submission Dates: End  2079/07/21 from 10 AM
- Entrance Examination Date: 2079/07/26 (Saturday)
- Time: 13:00 PM to 15:00 PM. (2 Hrs.)

(Applicant needs to select a single exam centre from the above options)

Exam Centers
1. School of Engineering (SoE), Pokhara-30, Lekhnath, Kaski
2. Nepal College of Information and Technology (NCIT), Balkumari Lalitpur
3. Oxford College of Engineering and Management (OCEM), Gaindakot, Nawalparasi
4. Lumbini Engineering College (LEC), Bhalwari, Rupandehi

Information regarding filling online form and documents required

The online Application form is available on the website: and for more information please visit the website:
> Each student must fill out the form on the website of Pokhara University by themselves and must submit the duly filled application form within the prescribed time.
> The application form fee and entrance examination fee is Rs 1600 (One thousand six hundred only) and can be deposited in the following banks. For online payment, the applicant must upload the downloaded transaction voucher with the TRANSACTION ID / Reference Code.

The application form fee and entrance examination fee is non-refundable.

After online submission of the application form, a number is generated which must be kept safely to download admit card after two days from the same link

Bank Name: Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd
- Name of Amount: School of Engineering     
- Account Number: 01713400208628000003

Bank Name: NIC ASIA Bank Limited
- Name of Amount: School of Engineering PU
- Account Number: 1641051581752401

Information Regarding Entrance Examination:

Candidates need to attach all the scan copy of academic document from SEE or equivalent to SLCE (Grade 12) or equivalent, citizenship in the form.
> Applicant must submit recently taken passport-size photo with clear face in plane back ground.
> Applicants must bring printed Entrance Card and supporting identity card (citizenship/passport/license etc) to appear in the examination.
> The entrance exam will be paper based exam of 2 hours from 13:00 PM to 15:00 PM.
> Detail syllabus of entrance exam can be downloaded from

Eligibility criteria for entrance exam:
> The candidates should have completed SLCE (Grade 12) examination of NEB or equivalent level from a recognized academic institution.
> The candidates should have studied at least one course (having at least 100 full marks or 5 credits) each in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
> The candidates should have scored a minimum of 45% or a CGPA/GPA of 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0) and at least Grade C (in case of A-Level, at least Grade D) or 45% in each subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics).
> The minimum criteria, Grade C (in case of A-Level, Grade D) or 45% does not apply to other courses or extra courses if any.
> Candidates should have studied mathematics with at least 100 marks in SLCE (Grade 11 or Grade 12) examination of NEB or equivalent level.

Result waiting for students can apply but at the time of admission, all necessary requirements must be completed as per the above-mentioned criteria.

Note: Entrance Examination for the Purpose of Issuing No Objection Letter (as per the Guidelines-2079 approved from UGC

Nepal): The candidates, who wish to attend the Pokhara University Entrance Examination for the purpose of getting NOL, have to qualify for this entrance examination.

Fee Structure: Total Fees for 4 years are as per the following.
- BE Civil
- BE Civil and Rural
Fee Structure:
- NRs. 7,15,000.00 (In Words: Seven Lakhs Fifteen Thousand only) with NRs. 20000.00 refundable deposits.

- BE Electrical and Electronics
- BE Computer
- BE Software
Fee Structure:
- NRs. 6,76,000.00 (In Words: Six Lakhs Seventy-Six Thousand only) with NRs. 20000.00 refundable deposits.

For further information please contact:
School of Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology
Pokhara University
Pokhara-30, Kaski, Nepal
Telephone: +977-61-504141

(First Date of Publication: 2079/06/09)