Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Around 150,000 students ‘can’t pursue’ higher studies-Secondary education exam results

"Even to study vocational subjects at the CTEVT, students must score at least a C (40-50 marks) in Maths, English and Science"

Candidates, however, can sit for grade improvement test scheduled for August 3-6

Around 150,000 students of the 462,136 who appeared in the Secondary Education Exam (SEE) won’t be able to pursue higher education, not even vocational subjects offered by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).

SEE results were published on Friday and a little less than 150,000 students have scored either a D (20-30 marks) or an E (0-20 marks) in compulsory subjects like English, Mathematics and Science.

Even if only compulsory English is taken into account, 149,029 students have scored either a D or an E.

To study vocational subjects at the CTEVT, students must score at least a C (40-50 marks) in these subjects.

Students scoring a D or an E, however, can sit for a supplementary exam to be held on August 3-6 to improve their grades.

“Students with a D or an E must sit for the grade improvement exam and score at least a C in the three compulsory subjects to study at the CTEVT,” said Ishwori Datta Bhatta, controller of examinations at the CTEVT.

The SEE graduates who want to study Nursing, Pharmacy, Lab Technology, General Medicine, Dental Science, Homoeopathy and Acupuncture among other subjects must obtain at least a C in Maths, Science and English and should have at least GPA 2.

Tukraj Adhikari, an information officer at the Department of Education, said if students with a D or an E sit for the exam and improve their grades, the Office of the Controller of Examination will issue them new certificates, thereby paving the way for them to apply for CTEVT courses.

CTEVT has been providing technical and vocational courses for the last 28 years.

After the School Leaving Certificate was phased out and SEE was introduced, the CTEVT has revised its courses and admission criteria accordingly.

The revised diploma directory of the institute has not defined any courses for the students who secure either a D or an E in major subjects like Mathematics, Science and English.

source: SAMIPA KHANAL,The kathmandu post, 21 June 2017