Thursday, July 28, 2022

    Career Choice: Actor, Acting Training Institutes in Nepal

     An actor is a person who acts in a dramatic production or in film, television, theatre, or radio. Actors communicate an author's script to others by acting in a creative and convincing fashion. They express ideas and create images and entertain people in theater, film, radio, television, and other performing arts media. Their skills can also be used in industrial theatre and education to convey important information to the audience in an effective way. Some actors even do voiceover and narration work for advertisements, animated features, books on tape, and other electronic medias.

    Actors work under constant pressure. Many face stress from the continual need to move along with the changes and competition that surround them. To succeed, actors need patience and commitment to their craft. Actors have to deliver flawless performances, often while working under undesirable and unpleasant conditions. Moreover, They experience stress not only from these reasons, but also from the need to adhere to work rules and production schedules. Actors typically work long and irregular hours. Actors may have to shoot or perform one scene at night while another during the day and the next after a week. Acting demands self-confidence, determination, willpower, the ability to adapt to different situations and the talent to deal maturely with criticism. Personal characteristics like intelligence, sensitivity, keen perception, good memory, a sense of self-discipline and above all the knack for acting are also required. Employers generally look for people with the creative instincts, innate talent, and intellectual capacity to perform. Actors should possess a passion for performing and enjoy entertaining others. Most aspiring actors get their preliminary experiences by participating in high school and college plays, work in college radio stations, or perform with local community clubs, CBOs, NGOs and INGOs.

    Formal dramatic training, either through training programs of institutes or a university program, generally is necessary, but some people successfully enter the field without it. Actors should be able to project personality and emotions. The command over some additional languages are additional requirements that complement actors.

    Jobs for actors are offered primarily by motion pictures and videos, Television Ads, Drama theaters (like Gurukul), and broadcast industries. The jobs in these areas are mostly on short term contract basis. Most actors work on a free-lance basis where they consider and take any work that is temporarily available - many organizations and private companies appoint people only temporarily, for the duration of the production.

    In fact, acting assignments typically are short term - ranging from 1 day to a few months - which means that actors frequently experience long periods of unemployment between jobs. And this uncertain nature of the work results in unpredictable earnings and intense competition for even the lowest-paid jobs.

    Ever spreading cable and satellite television operations, increasing production and distribution of  independent films and features, and continued growth and development of electronic games and other interactive media have increased demand for actors. In Nepalese context, the expanding number of television channels, increasing craze of viewers towards reality shows, tele-serials, comedy serials, educational and informative dramas etc. have increased the job prospects for new artists. However, as the number of available opportunities always are outnumbered by the available actors, only actors with an outstanding talent and aptitude for acting will find regular employment.

    While most of the actors stick to the job of acting all their lives, some actors move to the related careers as per their interests. They may turn out to be announcers, dancers and choreographers, makeup artists, theatrical and performance directors, fashion designers, set and stage designers script writers, editors and other related workers. Some may move into the work of teaching in acting schools and theaters.

    Salary depends on production size and budget of film/ Theatre. Normally, income range for the Nepali movie actor is around NRs. 40, 000 -500,000 per movie whereas in case of actress, it’s around NRs. 25,000 – 300,000 per movie. But in case of top Nepali actors and actress like Rajesh Hamal, Anmol KC, Samragyee RL Shah the income range can even be higher. Similarly, a model or an actor/actress earn NRs. 5,000 - 100,000 per music video. This amount can again increase in case of top actors/ actress and models.

    Likewise actors can also earn good money by working in Television Serials, Dramas, Commercial Ads etc. But the estimation of earning in such cases would be inappropriate.

    Institutes offering acting classes as follows:
    - National School of Film & Television, Address: Chabahil Kathmandu, Nepal, Phone: 01-4488616
    - Acting Course at Suryakala Films Pvt. Ltd., Kopundole, GPO Box: 151 , Lalitpur , 5555695, 5555795
    - Acting Course at Gurukul School of Theatre, Baneshwor, Kathmandu , 4466956, 2101332
    -  Everest Culture Academy, Lagankhel, Kathmandu , 5550662