Thursday, July 28, 2022

Career Choice: Music, Music Training Institutes in Nepal

Music is a broad field. Music provides countless opportunities for a rewarding career. On one hand there is the music industry and its allied sectors while on the other hand there is music itself. So there are lots and lots of choices for a career within music. Being into the field of music is not just about being a pop star or a popular singer. There are Music Arrangers, Music Composers, Music lawyers, Sound Engineers, Music Teachers, Music Therapists and many other professionals in this field.

Today music is one of the fastest growing industries in the whole world with a wide range of opportunities, employing millions of people. Devotion, talent, genuine interest, sincerity and willingness to work hard can guarantee a big success in the field of music. Having an inborn talent and interest in music is a wonderful gift. But making a career out of this talent, requires regular practice. One should also possess genuine love for music, a musical sense, which means a sense of time and rhythm, versatility, creative ability and also stage confidence.  So, joining an institution and getting trained can be one of the first steps towards making a career in this field but employers are more interested in your musical skills, your communication skills and your personal values than they are in your specific training or qualifications.

There is no specific qualification required to enter into this field for training courses in institutes. However, to take up a academic course in this subject the basic requirement is SLC for certificate or diploma level courses and +2 or PCL for bachelor level courses and so on, which are currently being offered by Tribhuwan University under Faculty of Humanities and Social Science and Kathmandu University under Department of Music.


If you look at the international music arena there is an enormous potential for individuals involded in the field of music. Globally music industry is fast becoming one of the world leaders in entertainment industry with thousands of careers within it.

With music getting into the league of big business, there are multiple of careers one can choose from this Industry. Besides becoming a performer (vocal or instrumental) or a teacher, one can be a composer/song writer, music publisher, music journalist, Disc Jockeys/ Video Jockeys, Music Therapist, Artist manager Music Librarian, Music lawyer, Sound Engineers and so on. Though careers as music journalist, music therapist, music librarian, music layer and sound engineers are quite unheard of in Nepal, there are still different types of career options within the field of music. They are Performer (vocal or instrumental), Music Composer, Producer, Music Teacher, VJs, DJs and others.

Today the advent of satellite television, the growing popularity of the music channels and corporate sponsorship of musical events, has all made music a big business with huge job prospects. Although fame and money in this field depends a lot on luck and getting a good break, but once you are into it, there is ample scope for making good money here. But prospects for a full-time career in Nepalese music industry are only for those who are exceptionally talented. Competition is very strong in this field. We can find many professionals in the Nepalese music industry making music a part-time career. Thus, those working in the music industry are primarily freelance employees. They work on a contract basis. This means that when one contract is completed, such workers must seek out work again. Therefore, along with your musical talent and your ability, skill in networking and public relation is directly related to your success level in this industry. This is true whether you are a performer, a composer, a technician, or in administration.

Institutes offering music classes as follows:
- Bachelor of Music at Kathmandu University Department of Music
- Bachelor of Music at Kathmandu University-School of Arts
- Master of Arts in Music (MA Music) at Kathmandu University Department of Music
- Master of Arts in Music (MA Music) at Kathmandu University-School of Arts