Thursday, July 28, 2022

Career Choice: Air Ticketing, Air Ticketing Training Institutes in Nepal

Interest of the students in the professional courses has been increasing everyday as there is an exceptional growth in the service industry globally. Air ticketing courses are no exception. Airline ticketing professionals address the demands of the increasingly mobile population of the globe. There are excellent career prospects in Air Ticketing sector in Nepal. The candidates learn about the method of booking and reserving tickets for scheduled flights through the modules. They also develop the knack of guiding the customer in planning their itinerary and facilitating them for making other necessary preparations for the travel. Ticket agents are in constant contact with people and often have to solve the travel problems of the passengers quickly and efficiently, which may result in stressful situations. Ticket agents usually have to work in shifts that include nights, weekends, and holidays.

For those who want to start a career in Travel and Ticketing Field Air ticketing Training is a must. It will enable the aspirants to handle ticketing in a professional manner. Courses usually contains latest method of ticketing and practical classes. The training consists of a 7-10 days class instruction followed by a week of on-the-job training from an experienced ticket agent. The course in the Airlines ticketing mostly comprises of manual Ticketing, ETicketing, Fare Calculation and basic airlines pricing information guideline on tax system related to aviation industry. Successful completion of Airline Ticketing courses enables the students secure job entailing booking and confirming reservation for passengers on scheduled airline flights. They are also entrusted with the responsibility of helping and guiding the customers in planning the route and other arrangements.

Candidates who have passed the SLC examination are eligible to apply for the Air Ticketing training in Nepal. But as these workers are to work as the representative of the Airline companies itself, they need to have a pleasing personality, excellent communication skill and good manners.

Numerous travel agencies and Airlines companies in Nepal and abroad provide jobs to the aspirants who have completed their ticketing courses. National and International airlines like Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines Corporation, Agni Air, Yeti Airlines, Gulf Air, Thai Airways, Qatar Airlines, Indian Airlines, Air India, Druk Air, Jet Airways etc. are some of the major airlines in Nepal providing employment to thousands of ticketing agents all over the nation. Successful completion of Airline Ticketing courses enables them to get into jobs entailing booking and confirming reservation for passengers on scheduled airline flights. Most airlines provide some trainings prior to the job. In many cases the trainings consists of a week of classroom instruction followed by a week of on-the-job training with an experienced ticket agent. Beginners usually start by tagging the luggage of ticketed passengers. They then gain experience reserving seats on flights, and filling out ticket forms. Likewise, with experience ticket agents may become supervisors. Some advance into jobs as traffic or sales representatives for the airline while some may also switch to the job of flight attendants.

There has been unprecedented growth in the airways companies in these few decades. And so is the growth in the airline passengers. But despite the anticipated growth in the number of airline passengers, automated ticketing and check-in procedures pose a serious threat to the demands of ticketing agents in the aviation market. Moreover, as the airline industries are very sensitive to the economic instability, agents frequently are dismissed during recessions.

Normally, a ticket agent earns in a range of NRs. 10000 to 50,000 a month which depends upon the seniority of the worker and the airlines or travel agency where he/she works.