Wednesday, July 4, 2018

CTEVT announces admission for various programs

Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) announces admission open for for various CTEVT programs. Applicants can  apply at respective CTEVT affiliated colleges as per subject of interest.

The deadline for submission of entrance exam form is Shrawan 11, 2075. The entrance exam date for Diploma leve is Shrawan 19, 2075  (8 AM).The entrance exam date for TSLC level is Shrawan 19, 2075  (8 AM).


Citizens Bank International announces vacancy for various positions

Key dates:
> Deadline for submission of Entrance exam :  Shrawan 11, 2075
> Entrance Exam date (Diploma) - Shrawan 19, 2075 , 8 AM
> Entrance Exam (TSLC) - Shrawan 21, 2075, 2 PM

For eligibility requirement, please visit

View official notice below for more details:


CTEVT publishes TSLC entrance Examination notice (Full paying and Scholarships)

St. Xavier's College announces admissions for grade XI Science 2018 (2075)