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Best Barista Training Institutes and Schools in Kathmandu, in Nepal

Coffee can be transformed into a sublime experience through the hands of a skilled barista. This is where barista institutes come in: these coffee excellence centers nurture aspiring talent and teach the ins and outs of crafting exquisite coffee beverages, from bean selection to brewing techniques, and from latte art to impeccable customer service. As coffee continues to captivate taste buds around the world, the demand for skilled baristas is increasing. So, whether you're a dedicated home barista or want to pursue a career in the booming coffee industry, finding the best barista institutes is the key to realizing your full potential.

With a growing coffee culture in Nepal, many young people are enrolling in barista courses offered by a number of schools and training institutes in the Valley. While the majority of people chose to take the course because they enjoy the beverage, the majority of people are drawn to barista courses because they believe the skill will help them land jobs abroad, whether they are planning to move abroad for studies or for foreign employment.

Barista training programs are available at various coffee-based outlets throughout Nepal. Barista skills can be studied at three levels: foundation, intermediate, and professional. The cost of training varies depending on the outlet, whether it is a national or international brand, the length of the training period, and the level. The starting price ranges from Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000. In general, barista training courses provide students with fundamental theoretical knowledge about the history and culture of coffee, as well as practical classes on topics such as how to make espresso and develop tasting skills. The courses emphasize not only coffee making but also basic customer service and entrepreneurship. The course can assist in the development of an environment in which people can start their own coffee businesses.

There are numerous institutes and schools in Nepal that provide comprehensive Barista training. Some of the most well-known are as follows:

1. Himalayan Java Barista Coffee School
Himalayan Java is a popular Nepalese coffee shop and franchise with international locations serving domestic coffee tastes. Himalayan Java Barista Coffee School under  Himalayan Java was introduced to promote the culture of vocational training in Nepal.  From barista to the kitchen, Himalayan Java Barista Coffee School provides detailed training to its students. The training sessions include lectures and demonstrations followed by hands-on practice. The training packages course is made up of lectures and demonstrations, with 70% of the time spent on practical training. Students are also given internship opportunities at Himalayan Java locations and Central Bakery.

Contact Information
Himalayan Java Barista training
Address: Civil Mall, Kathmandu                                     
Phone: Tel: 9802323919, 9802323918, 01-5356201

Address: Tridevi Marg Thamel, Kathmandu                                     
Phone: Tel: 01-4425897

Address: Hallchowk, Pokhara                           
Phone: 9856023750, 9825164811

2. The School of Coffee Beans
The School of Coffee Beans, founded in 2017, is one of the best training institutes in the valley for Barista training courses. The institutes provide Barista Training courses through various branches in the Kathmandu valley, including Dillibazar, Baneshwor, and Boudha.

Contact Information:
The School of Coffee Beans
Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu; Baneshwor  (Thapagaun), Kathmandu; Boudha (Tushal), Kathmandu
Phone: 986-6473719

3. National Coffee Academy
National Coffee Academy is the profound center for coffee knowledge sharing in Nepal and the resource center for coffee communities.The academy offers the professional coffee training, and SCA/CQI accredited courses in the internationally recognized, accessible coffee lab.

Contact Information
National Coffee Academy
Nawa Prabhat Marga,
Narephate, Koteshwor
Phone: (+977) 9843443482, (+977) 9851023082

4. Coffee Cub Barista Training Institute

Since 2015, COFFEE CUB has been providing Barista Training, instilling knowledge of Espresso-based drinks that meet the international standard accepted worldwide. The training curriculum is based on the real-world knowledge requirements of a barista who meets the International Standard set by various Coffee Organizations around the world.

Contact Information:
Coffee Cub Barista Training
Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Phone: 977-9810037217, +977-9860930979

5.The Barista’s Coffee school
Barista Coffee School is unquestionably one of the best Barista training institutes in Kathmandu. The school was founded in Kathmandu in 2073 and is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), a global organization dedicated to the coffee industry. The school offers a variety of courses, including a 15-day barista class, a 7-day barista class, a blended class, and an upcoming online class.

Contact Information:
Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu ; Lazimpat, Kathmandu           
Phone: 4411023/ 9843166278/ 9818773122/ 984-3166278

6. Mid-Valley International College
Mid-Valley International College (MVIC), founded in 2011, is a premier educational institution that provides undergraduate and diploma programs in technical, management, hospitality, and finance fields. The College provides a thorough and hands-on Barista Training program that will prepare you for a successful career as a coffee artisan. You can be assured of world-class training and industry recognition with its certification affiliated with the prestigious City & Guilds, UK.

Mid-Valley International College's Barista Training program is designed by experienced coffee experts who enjoy sharing their knowledge with aspiring baristas. Its curriculum covers everything you need to succeed in the coffee industry, from understanding the different types of coffee beans to mastering the art of creating beautiful lattes.

Contact Information:
Mid-Valley International College
Address: Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone" +977-1-4537188, 4535188

7. Mount Strada Barista Academy
Mount Strada is a popular coffee shop as well as one of Kathmandu's best Barista training institutes, offering Barista and coffee roasting training. The BARISTA training is led by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified professional BARISTAS.

Contact Information:
Mount Strada Barista Academy
Address: Newbaneshwor 10 Bijuli Bazar, Thapa Gaun                       
Phone: +9777-015244244

8. Koffee academy
Koffee Academy has a team of experienced baristas and trainers who offer a Basic Barista Course. The Basic Barista class is designed for anyone with little or no experience and includes enough practical time to prepare drinks from a Café menu, clean and maintain the equipment, and serve basic Latte Art.

Contact Information:
Koffee academy
Address: Prashant Galli, Kathmandu
Phone: 986-0255957

9. Nepal School of Hotel Management
Nepal School of Hotel Management, located in Macchapokhari, Kathmandu, is a well-known institute that offers international-standard Barista and Bartending courses in Nepal.

Contact Information:
Nepal School of Hotel Management
Address: Macchapokhari , Balaju bypass road, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 01-4983207

10. Gallicafe
Gallicafe, located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu, offers international-standard barista courses such as Professional Barista Course, Cafe Management Program, Manual Coffee Brewing, and Latte Art.

Contact Information:
Address: Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 984-7694334