Friday, July 27, 2018

    TU publishes 4 years BBS 1st year 2075 Exam routine

    Update: 27 July 2018
    TU changes 4/3 years Bachelor's first year and LL.B Second year exam routine for some subjects [ VIEW NOTICE ]

    Changes in 4 years BBS 1st year:
    > 4 years BBS 1st year: Examination of MGT-211 Accounting of Financial Analysis & Planning will be held on 9 Ashoj 2075. It was scheduled to be held on 27 Bhadra 2075 as per old notice.

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    TU Examination Schedule

    Previous Notice:
    Tribhuvan University exam controller office has published the examination routine of 3 years BBS 1st year 2075

    The exam of 4 years BBS 1st year starts on 2075/05/18 (Mgt. Business English-201) and ends on 2075/06/09 (MGT-211 Accounting of Financial Analysis & Planning)*(as per new routine).
    The examination time is from 1:00 pm  - 4:00 pm.

    EXAMINATION SCHEDULE of 4 years BBS 1st year 2075 

    Date: 2075/05/18

    Subject: Mgt. Business English-201

    Date: 2075/05/24
    Subject: Mgt. Business Economics-203

    Date: 2075/06/01
    Subject: Principle of Management-213

    Date: 2075/06/05
    Subject: Mgt. Business Statistics-202

    Date: 2075/06/09* (as per new routine)
    Subject: Mgt. Accounting of Financial Analysis and Planning-211


    TU exam routine of 3/4 years Bachelor level (BA, BBS, B.Sc and B.Ed) First year 2075