Friday, July 24, 2020

NEB Grade 11 Exam Result, Grade 12 Exam Routine, SEE Result Updates

Grade 11 Exam:
The class 11 examination conducted by the National Examination Board will now be conducted by the school itself. Arrangement has been made for the school to issue the certificate by conducting the examination. It has been decided to give certificates to the students who are preparing for the board exams this year on the basis of internal assessment.

The board has issued working procedure on Thursday for conducting, managing, evaluating and publishing the results of class 11 examination. The National Curriculum and Evaluation Council had decided to give the responsibility of conducting the examination and certification to the school on July 3. Earlier, the board used to issue certificates by conducting written examinations for class 11 and experimental examinations by the school.

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Students who are enrolled in class 11 and have 70 percent attendance will be able to participate in the examination conducted by the school. Their registration will have to be filled in the board. There will be a committee under the coordination of the headmaster to conduct the examination, publish the results and verify the results. Board member secretary Durga Prasad Aryal said that the school has been given the responsibility of evaluating the class 11 examination as per the decision of the council.

The examination committee has been given the authority to prepare question papers, conduct examinations and prepare answer keys. Students' results must be sent to the board. In all the subjects of class 11, only the students who have obtained minimum 'D Plus' in the theoretical side and minimum 'C grade' in the experimental side will be allowed to apply for the class 12 examination. This year, there are 524,000 candidates in class 11.

The board has started preparations to conduct the Class 12 examination in the first or second week of September. Member Secretary Aryal said that the timetable will be published by September 30. The government has decided to operate long distance vehicles from September 1. He said that the schedule will be made public so that the candidates can come to the examination center and prepare for a few weeks. The exam scheduled for April was postponed due to corona infection and lockdown. The board has stated that the results will be made public within a month after the completion of the examination.

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The schedule for conducting class 12 and class 11 examinations from April 26 to April 28 was made public. The annual examinations of both the classes were postponed on April 8 when the educational institutions were closed due to the corona infection. There are 4 lakh 31 candidates in class 12.


Certificates will be provided to SEE of class 10 and students of class 11 on the basis of internal evaluation done by the school. Based on the internal evaluation done by the school, the board will give the certificate to the SEE examinee. The class 11 examination has been handed over to the school forever. The certificate will also be given by the school.

The marks of SEE's internal evaluation have started coming to the board. The board has stated that the results will be made public by July 30 after receiving marks from all 77 education development and coordination units. "We have received marks from many districts and verification work has started," said Aryal. "We will publish the results after receiving the details from all the districts."

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