Sunday, March 20, 2022

TU publishes MSc 3rd Semester Examination form Fill up Notice

Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology, Dean Office, Exam Department, Balkhu has published the examination form fill up for MSc second-year third semester for both regular and partial examinees of the following programs.
> MSc Geology,
> MSc Engineering Geology,
> MSc Computer Science and Information Technology (MSc CSIT),
> Master of Science (MSc) in Botany,
> Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics,  
> MSc in Microbiology,
> Master of Science (MSc) in Zoology,
> Master of Science (MSc) Chemistry,
> MSc in Physics,
> Master of Science (MSc) in Statistics,
> MSc in Environmental Science,
> MSc Biotechnology,
> MTech Food Technology,
> Master of Science (MSc) in Meteorology,
> MSc in Environmental Health in Disaster, and
> MSc in Biodiversity and Environmental Management (BEM).

Key Details:

- Exam form fee: Rs. 1500
- Exam form fee (for Engineering Geology): Rs. 2,000
- Exam form fee (for Env. Health in Disaster): Rs. 2,500

Deadline :
> Deadline for application submission (with normal fee): Baisakh 11, 2079 (April 24, 2022)
> Deadline for application submission (with double fee): Baisakh 19, 2079 (May 02, 2022)

View official notice below: