Friday, March 3, 2023

Nepal Army announces vacancy for 416 positions

Nepal Army, Recruitment Selection Directorate, Personnel Department, Jangiadda invites applications for the followers of various trades like  BaKaSi, Suchikar, Sweeper, Tanner, Blacksmith, Hairdresser, Carpenter, Gardener, and Sayas.

No. of vacancies: 416

Eligible Nepalese individuals can apply by self-presenting at the specified facility and affixing Rs. 10 stamps to their application.

Application Deadline:
> Application deadline with normal fee: Chaitra 19, 2079 (April 2, 2023)
> Application deadline with double fee: Chaitra 26, 2079 (April 9, 2023)

view official vacancy notice below for more details:


Salary Scale of Nepal Government officials (Civil Servants)