Sunday, November 26, 2023

Nepal Nursing Council PCL and BSc Nursing Registration Examination Result

Nepal Nursing Council has published the results of the 34nd PCL Nursing and 4th BSc Nursing Registration Examination .

The registration examinations were conducted on 2080, Ashad 23 (8 th July, 2023) . In addition, candidates who fail the exam will be able to join the upcoming exam.

Click here to view the Result of the 34nd National Licensure Examination for Nurses.

Click here to Result of the 4th National Licensure Examination for B.Sc. Nursing.

Further Process for Successful Candidates

Successful candidates must complete the online login process and make a payment of Rs. 1,200 through Khalti to facilitate the issuance of their certificates.
Required documents:
> All educational certificates submitted during exam
> A copy of citizenship
> Two passport-sized photos from admit card
> Admit card

view official notice below for more details: