Sunday, October 15, 2023

Purbanchal University Bachelor Level Scholarship Notice

Purbanchal University, Biratnagar, Morang has published Scholarship Notice for various bachelor level programs for the academic session 2080/081 (year 2023):

Programs Eligible for Scholarship:
- B. Sc. (Hons.) Ag.
- B. Sc. Biotechnology
- B. Tech. Biotechnology
- B. Tech. in Food Technology
- B. Tech in Dairy Technology
- B. Sc. Forestry
- B. Tech. in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Scholarship Details:
- Scholarships offered for the academic session 2080/081 (year 2023).
- 10% total scholarship in AI programs.
- Distribution: 5% Jehendar and 5% reserved.

Online Application: Interested students can fill the online application form.

Detailed information is available on the Faculty Dean's Websites:

view official scholarships notice for more details: