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BA Development Studies,BDevs Colleges in Nepal, Pokhara University,PU

Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS) is one of the most interesting subjects in social sciences. Development studies is multi and inter disciplinary field of study that seeks to understand social, economic, political and cultural aspects of societal change. It is characterized also by normative and policy concerns, which aims at contributing to possible solutions to societal problems.

Bachelor in Development Studies program covers various components of economics, sociology, population, spatial planning, gender and governance, which help to analyze different aspects of development. The Bachelor in Development Studies program provides various trainings to all the students on developing communication and presentation skills and leadership qualities.

Some of the Pokhara University affiliated Colleges offering Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (BDevS) Course are:

1. Pokhara University School of Development and Social Engineering
Address: Dhungepatan, Kaski

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the three functioning faculties of Pokhara University at present. Pokhara University has offered three Masters and a Bachelor programme under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: Master in Population, Gender and Development (MPGD); Master of Arts in English; and Master of Philosophy in English (M. Phil) and BA in Development Studies. [ View details ]

2. Camad College
Address: Sukedhara, Kathmandu

Camad College is the result of the vision and aspiration of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from different sectors of our society such as academics, government, and non-government organizations. Through Camad College, we seek to bring transformation in Nepali society by developing capable human resources. [ View details ]

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Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (BDevS) Colleges in Nepal