Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Vacancy announcement from Nepal Army

Nepal Army, Recruitment Selection Directorate, Personnel Department, Jangiadda invites applications for 4000 military positions. The vacant posts will be fulfilled by open & inclusive competition.

Eligible Nepalese citizens can apply by affixing the stamps of Rs. 10 to their application and being self-present at the designated center. Candidates meeting the requirements mentioned in the notice (see below) may apply with their certificates, curriculum vitae, citizenship, recent passport size photographs.

Position:  4000 Military positions

Required qualification:
(A) Educational Qualification: Must have passed class 8 (eight).

(B) Physical fitness:
For Male    
- Height: Minimum 5 Feet 3 Inches    
- Chest: Minimum 32 inches when not inflated and minimum 34 inches when inflated
- Weight: Minimum 50 KG (110 Pound)      

For Female
- Height: Minimum 5 Feet
- Weight: Minimum 40 KG (88 Pound)

If you use glasses, your vision should be no worse than +/ - 2 diopters.

Candidates should have completed 18 years old and should not exceed 22 years old by 2079/01/16, or 26 years old in the case of reinstated followers.

Application Deadline:  
> Application deadline with normal fee: Baisakh 16, 2079 ( 29 April 2022)
> Application deadline with double fee: From Baisakh 17, 2079 to Baisakh 23, 2079 (6 May 2022)

view original vacancy notice below for more details: