Thursday, September 2, 2021

Vacancy notice from Nepal Administrative Staff College

Nepal Administrative Staff College (Nepal Prashasanik Prashikshan Pratisthan) announces vacancy (published on 3 September 2021) for various positions to be fulfilled by internal, promotion and open competition

Position: Assistant and Officer Level (Open Competition)
> No. of vacancies: 8
> Level: Officer Level 2nd and 3rd; Assistant Level 1st
> Qualification: Bachelor/ Master

Examination Type:
Written, Practical  (Performance test, Presentation, Psychometric test) and Interview.

The written examination will be conducted by the Lok Sewa Aayog (Public Service Commission).

Application Deadline:
(A) Towards open competition: 2078/6/7 ( 23 September 2021) and double fee till 2075/6/14 ( 30 September 2021).

(B) Internal competition: 2078/6/7

(C) Towards promotion: 2075/6/1

Contact Date: 2075/06/19

View vacancy notice below for more details:


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