Wednesday, April 10, 2024

How to view EPS Korean language test results ?

EPS Korean Language Test Results Published 2023-2024 (Manufacturing)
The EPS Korea branch, which is managed by HRD Korea, has published the EPS-TOPIK 2023, UBT Examination results of the first phase for manufacturing positions. These exams were held from the 7th of Falgun to the 24th of Chaitra, 2080, with 40,580 candidates taking part, of whom 6,321 advanced to the next round.

Employment Permit System (EPS) is a program of govt of Korea under which Govt of Nepal sends eligible workers. South Korea happens to be one of the favoured destinations for foreign employment among the migrant Nepali workers.

Key Details:
First Phase Examination:
- Total Participants: 40,580
- Candidates Passed: 6,321

Second Phase Examination:
- Scheduled Dates: From the 9th to the 15th of Baisakh, 2081
- Total Expected Participants: 79,937 in the second phase
- Location: Nepal Administrative Training Institute

Third Phase Examination:
- Scheduled Dates: From the 31st of Baishakh to the 16th of Shrawan, 2081
- Participants for Third Phase: 36,179

General Statistics:
- Total Applications Received: 163,635

The results can be viewed at the homepage of Department of Foreign Employment and also at the website of EPS-Korea section.
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2nd Round Test Date and Time(3-1) [ DOWNLOAD ]