Sunday, August 26, 2018

    NEB publishes Academic Calender for the year 2075/76

    National Examination Board (NEB), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur has published academic calendar for the year 2075/76. All the affiliated Secondary Schools are requested to follow calendar. As per the calendar, the board exam of Grade XII will be held from Baishakh second week 2076 BS, whereas Grade XI exam will be held from the last week of Baishakh 2076 BS.

    Similarly, the results of Grade XII will be published by  Sharwan last 2076 and Grade XI by  Ashoj last 2076.Key dates given below:

    Key Dates:
    Registration Form Distribution:
    > Before Bhadra last, 2075

    Registration Form Submission:
    > Before Ashoj 21, 2075
    > Before Kartik 15, 2075 (With Double Fees)

    Exam Form Distribution:
    > Poush 1, 2075 onwards


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    Exam Form Submission:

    > Before Magh 15, 2075
    > Before Magh 29, 2075 (With Double Fees)

    > Grade 12: Baishakh second week, 2076 BS
    > Grade 11: Last week of Baishakh 2076 BS

    Grade Increment Examination:
    > within 35 days from date of publication of Grade 12 results
    > within 45 days from date of publication of Grade 11 results

    Publication of results
    > For grade 12: Within Sharwan last 2076
    > For Grade 11: Within Ashoj last 2076

    Publication of results (Grade Increment)
    > For grade 12: Within 20 days from Grade Increment examination date
    > For Grade 11: Within 25 days from Grade Increment examination date
    View calendar below:


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