Thursday, April 29, 2021

    Jobs at Kathmandu University

    Kathmandu University (KU) is an autonomous and not-for-profit institution of higher learning dedicated to maintaining high standards of academic excellence. The University has the mission of providing quality education for leadership and is at the forefront of knowledge generation and deliberation in the fields of Science, Engineering, Management, Education, Law, Arts, and Medical Sciences.

    We are anticipating highly motivated and innovative, qualified Nepali professionals to take up permanent faculty positions in different Schools with the areas and required numbers as specified below:

    1.School of Arts
    > No. of vacancies:8

    2. School of Education

    > No. of vacancies: 1

    3.School of Engineering

    > No. of vacancies:16

    4.School of Law
    > No. of vacancies: 1

    5.School of Management
    > No. of vacancies: 3

    6.School of Science

    > No. of vacancies: 12

    Application Deadline: 3 May 2021

    View original vacancy notice below for more details and application procedure:


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