Wednesday, December 16, 2020

    Career opportunities at IT companies in Nepal

    Career in IT( Information and Technology) / Tech sector is one of the most sought after career paths in Nepal.Various vacancies have been announced by these sectors in last few weeks.

    Given below are some of the popular announcements:

    > Jobs at Australian Based Company, HLE Nepal; Qualification: Bachelor; Salary : NRs. 35,000.00 Monthly
    Deadline: 22 December 2020

    > Jobs at Info Developers; Salary: 60k to 70k /Month
    Deadline : 15 Jan 2021

    > Jobs for FRESHERS at Smart Data Solutions(SDS) ; Qualification: Bachelor; Salary: : $ 600 - 750 Monthly
    Deadline : 22 December 2020

    > Jobs at Theme Grill; Qualification: Bachelor; Salary : NRs. 30,000 - 60,000 Monthly
    Deadline: 21 December 2020


    General Insurance Company Nepal Ltd. announces vacancy for Assistant to Manager Level Positions; Qualification: Bachelor; Freshers can APPLY*


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