Tuesday, May 5, 2020

    Schools asked not to open admissions until further notice, charging for online classes prohibited

    The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has instructed the educational institutions not to announce admissions for any level until further notice.

    Issuing a notice on Monday, the ministry also asked the institutions not to charge any fees in the name of online classes.

    Regarding the Secondary Education Examination of class 10 and board exams of grade 11 and 12, the ministry said that no decision has been made. "We have been minutely observing the situation and consulting the stakeholders in this regard."

    Reminding the government's decision, the ministry also asked the institutional schools not to collect fees for one month except the residential charges. The schools have also been instructed to inform the guardians and local units concerned after the implementation of the government decision.

    source: republica, 5 may 2020

    View notice below:


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