Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Purbanchal University Exam Notice updates

1 September 2020
Purbanchal University to introduce technology-based Time Bound Home Exam
Purbanchal University is going to introduce a technology-based examination system.Earlier, Kathmandu University had conducted technology-based examinations during the lockdown, but the concept of 'Time Bound Home Exam' introduced by Purbanchal University is being practiced for the first time in the country.

Dr. Surya Raj Sangraula, Examination Controller of Purbanchal University, informed that the procedure for the examination would be finalised today. Under the 'Time Bound Home Exam', candidates will be able to take the exams from home.Dr. Sangraula added that this type of examination system was introduced to bring in use technology as per the time so that academic session and time of the students did not go in waste.

Rajib Timalsina, program coordinator of Kantipur City College, viewed that the decision of the university was welcome as it was necessary to change the examination system in a timely manner.The college, affiliated to the Purbanchal University, has been teaching engineering, information technology as well as humanities and management faculties.

Coordinator Timalsina informed that about 700 regular students studying in the college would participate in the university examination.The university has now decided that only regular students based on the semester system will be allowed to participate in the technology-based examinations.

The working procedure of the university has made clear provision even in the case of students who cannot participate due to problem in access to internet. Accordingly, the students who cannot participate will be counted as regular when they take the exam in person next time.

The colleges that take the exams are currently working to update the statistics of the students.Coordinator Timalsina informed that they are preparing to collect data on the students' access to the internet, the environment in which they can participate in the exams.

After the decision of the meeting of the Academic Council and the Executive Council, the Controller of Examinations has fixed the date of the regular examination.

The examinations that are going to be held from the first week of October will be conducted based on technology, however, the schedule of the exam is yet to be published.

It is an open exam so students can take the support of the notes, added Timilsina.

Dr. Sangraula said, "Even if the exam is open, it is not possible for all the candidates to get the same marks. We are confident that the assessment of students' ability will be as appropriate as possible.”

The university has already prepared the examination procedure. In Time Bound Home Exam, question papers will be sent to each college by email half an hour before the examination is conducted. The college will send the question paper to the examinee's email 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the examination.

An examinee student needs to write the answer in the given time limit and needs to send the picture or scan copy of the answer sheet. Where, the extra time will be allocated to send the answer sheet, said Dr. Sangraula.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sangraula, informed that the college would send the answer sheet by email and the university will print it and send it to the subject teacher for the test.

source: risingnepal, 1 september 2020

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31 August 2020: Purbanchal University Exams from Ashoj 1st Week

Purbanchal University will be conducting examinations of Bachelor and Master Level progams from the first week of Ashoj using alternative examination modules.

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The Examination Control Office of the university has issued a notice  stating that the examination will be conducted as per the decision of the Academic Council and the Executive Council.

As per notice, the examinations of Bachelor's and Master's Level will be conducted using the 'time-bound home exam' module.

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