Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Top Consultancy for Thailand in Nepal

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia has cultivated a reputation for outstanding diplomatic skill and hospitality due to its status as a sovereign nation. Due to the kindness of its citizens, Thailand is referred to as the "country of smiles." Thailand offers various advantages and attracts for international students. Thailand is one of the countries in Southeast Asia with one of the strongest economies, and its modern society is changing quickly.

The exceptionally low cost of living makes it the ideal location for international students on a tight budget who want to maximize their limited resources.

Why Thailand?
> Affordable living cost
> Easy visa processing
> Low tuition cost
> Scholarship opportunities
> Secure a job after graduation
Some of the popular Consultancies for Studying in Thailand in Kathmandu are:
1. Accede Education Center
Address: Narayanhiti
Phone no.: 985-1141894

2. AIP Education
Address: New Baneshwor
Phone no.: 980-1041907

3. Professional Education Consultancy
Address: New Baneshwor
Phone no.: 980-1349349

4. Esquare Education
Address: Shankhamul Marga
Phone no.: 985-1201558

5. Prime Education Information Center P. Ltd.
Address: Putalisadak
Phone no.: 01-4444900

6. Take Me Away Education Consultancy
Address: Hattisar
Phone no.: 01-4427104