Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Best Animation Course Training Institutes in Nepal

Animation is the art with which inanimate objects are brought to life with the help of various modern computer based sequencing techniques. Computer animation is one of the youngest, most dynamic and most rewarding sector of today's Multi-media industry.The animation industry is multi-faceted and requires various kinds of artists to suit in any full-fledged 2D /3D animated productions – such as pre-production artists, storyboarders, layout artists, scanner operators, modelers, texturers, light rendering professionals, riggers, character animators, matte painters, roto artists, compositors, and SFX artists which is just to name a few in a ever growing environment

Animation industry has seen a boom in Nepal with growing number of advertising agencies, film development firms, broadcasting channels, and VFX outlets. Nepali animators these days not only produce animation sequences for Hollywood blockbusters, they also cater to the needs of their domestic clients like banks, apps developers, Youtube channel owners, social media pages and reputed broadcasters.

The best way to pursue a career in animation is by getting a graduate degree or diploma in animation. But a graduate degree in animation is not very prevalent in Nepal yet and only very few institutes offer this course at present. On the other hand, a host of institutes are offering diploma courses in animation. Minimum qualification for a degree and diploma course in animation is plus two or equivalent.

Some of the popular courses ( Advanced Diploma, Diploma Level, 2-6 months program) being offered by institutes are as follows:
- CGI designing & animation  
- 3D Modelling and Animation using 3D MAX
- 3D Modelling and Animation using Maya
- Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
- Multimedia
- Graphic Design
- Story Boarding and Skeching
- Movie Editing
- Post Production (Audio, Video Editing and VFX)

These courses combine the most relevant and updated courses curriculum as these are specially designed after extensive estimation of market demand and animation industry.  These courses allow you to discover your passion and train the skills that is required to find the job in fastest way.

Many institutes ensures that their students find a foothold into the industry through various internship programmes within its Partner studios.

Nepal is also getting good exposure in animation thanks to the start of animation courses in institutions such as Maya Animation Academy, iDream Animation, Animax Animation, Axix Animation and Blackbox Animation Academy.

Some of the popular studios/ institutes providing animation course/ training in Nepal are as follows:

1.MAYA animation academy
At the age of evaluation where technology is touching its limits, Maya Animation Academy Pvt. Ltd. shortly known as (MAYA) is a firm, which contributes to its learning opportunities and expertise in the fields of Digital Design,3D Animation, Visual Effects(VFX), Multimedia and Game Design focused exclusively on grooming specialists for the animation industry in Nepal and Internationally SINCE 2005.
Address: Maya Bhavan, Kanti Path
Phone: 01-5339509

2. BlackBox Academy
Address: Kupondole, Lalitpur
Phone: 01-5541320

3. Animax Animation Academy

Address : Kantipath, Kathmandu; Prayag Pohari Chowk, Lalitpur and Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur
Phone: 01-4255173 (Kantipath), 01-5523333 (Lalitpur), 016620344 (Bhaktapur)

4. RainMakers Animation Academy
Address: New Buspark, Macchapokhari Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4352575

5. iDream Animation Academy & Studio
Address: Sundhara CTC Mall 5th Floor, Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4250504

6. Axis Animation Academy
Address: Chipledhunga, Pokhara
Phone: 061-540238

Some of popular Animation studios in Nepal are as follows:

1. Incessant Rain Animation Studios
Incessant Rain is considered the first full-fledged animation studio and academy in Nepal specializing in visual effects and 3D animation. The studio specialize in 3D character animation; visual effects for feature films and television; game cinematic, trailers; commercials, documentaries, e.t.c.

2. Qurien Animation Studios
Qurien is a design & animation company providing innovative & creative solutions for design & animation. Qurien's objective is to integrate art & technology to develop computer-animated short films & related products.

3. Eclipse Animation
Eclipse Animation Academy is a contemporary and open minded learning centre, setup with a vision of bringing the global standards of animation industry to Nepal and to develop a high caliber animation professionals. The academy specializes in digital art, design, media entertainment and visualization across the creative industries.