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Best Film Studies Colleges in Nepal


The academic field of film studies examines many theoretical, historical, and critical stances on cinema as a kind of art and a medium. It is frequently likened to television studies and is occasionally included in media studies.

The goal of film studies is to explore the narrative, creative, cultural, economic, and political ramifications of cinema, rather than to improve production skills. Film studies employ a number of critical stances for the investigation of production, theoretical framework, setting, and creativity in its search for these social-ideological values.  Possible jobs in film include production and criticism. Overall, both the industry it concentrates on and the study of cinema continue to expand.

Doors are open for learning and receiving instruction at Filmmaking Colleges in Nepal for aspirant students to be able to enter the professional field of filmmaking. The thorough curriculum covers a variety of aspects of filmmaking, including acting, directing, and cinematography.

Oscar International College and Nepal Film Campus offer 4 Years Bachelor in Film Studies (BFS) affiliated to Tribhuvan University. BFS is a professional and strategically designed bachelor degree program focusing on the subjects like History of Films, Basic film Theory, English, Nepali, History, Culture, Literature, Sociology & Anthropology and Psychology as core subjects.

Various institutes offers diploma and short term courses in various fields of Filmmaking. This enables them to work for commercial film industry companies and to take advantage of positions offered by the Public Service Commission for their documentaries. Specializations in filmmaking fields like acting, sound recording and design, cinematography, direction, screenwriting, and video editing are included in the program. Colleges in Nepal that offer Film and Media Studies course are:

1. Oscar International College
A highly motivated team of professionals (academicians, artists and technicians) conceived the idea of producing personalities that this nation needed in the field of film industry. Thus, Oscar International College was brought into existence in 2061 B.S. (2005 A.D.). It is affiliated to Tribhuvan University of Nepal. 'Redefining trend in education' being the motto of this college, it strives for excellence.

Oscars International College offers Four year Bachelor Level Program in film studies i.e. Bachelors in Film Studies (BFS). This program is the first of its kind in Nepal and Oscar is committed to produce screen writers, directors, producers, actors, editors and technicians.

Address: Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone no.: 01-4371874 / 01-4370409

2. Nepal Film Campus
Nepal Film Campus (NFC) is established by award winning film industry professionals and experienced academicians.  Nepal Film Campus offer passionately curated 4 Years Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies (BFS) affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

NFC provides a dependable and efficient route to a successful career in theater, cinema, television, and digital media. They assist in transforming your inventiveness and unbridled energy into the useful abilities that the modern entertainment industry's competitive environment demands. Their courses emphasize practical application and careers. NFC’s goal is to develop talented and significant film makers who have real-world experience under the guidance of national and international film industry experts.

Address: Pinglasthan, Gausala, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone no.: 01-4478801

3. Everest Film Academy
Well-known national award winners and graduates of film institutions from many nations make up the academy's faculty. Therefore, under the correct guidance of highly qualified specialists of the Nepal film industry, you can study skills at Everest Film Academy that will help you become ready for a career as a professional actor, director, scriptwriter, photographer, cinematographer, and VFX visual editor.

Everest Film Industry offers international level film course of one year duration.

Address: Minbhawan, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone no.: 01-4798188

4. Kantipur Film Academy
Kantipur Film Academy (KFA) is an autonomous institution of film education and media arts as well as the main hub for film fanatics, film personalities & film makers from around the world. Film field experts and professionals have joined hands to establish KFA and it is also officially collaborated with renowned film institutes around the world to render the students with proficient global exposure and international film cultures.

With the goal of preparing students to be proficient film scholars, prosperous film entrepreneurs, and most importantly, leading influences in this competitive film market, KFA offers intensive one-year diploma courses on a variety of film education disciplines like Film Direction / Writing, Film Acting, Photography / Cinematography, and Visual Editing / VFX.

Address: Thapa Gaun, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone no.: 01-5245011

5. Nepal Film Academy
Nepal Film Academy is largest Film Academy in Nepal. Nepal Film Academy offers an organized aptitudes and innovative improvements industry stages. Students are prepared and presented to genuine work places through rewards, in-administration preparing and learning by doing underway organization. They offer one month to six months diploma courses.

It has a complete range of facilities for students for short movie practical and to complete a movie project. The fact that the students will be learning in a bustling workplace is a noteworthy feature of the academy. They will get the opportunity to communicate with different film technicians and creative artists who come to our facilities in a systematic way. This will inspire the students and allow them to show their own works and discuss ways of making them better.

Address: Chundevi, Maharajgun, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone no.: +977-9849660038, 9813464749

6. National School of Film & Television
National School of Film and Television is one of a kind institute that offers various diploma courses related to filmmaking & television industry which can help to build your career and make you stand out.

Near KL Tower, Chabahil, Kathmandu
Contact: 01-4488616, 9779765562707