Tuesday, February 13, 2024

List of Public Holidays for 2081 B.S. (2024-2025) in Nepal

Government of Nepal ,Ministry of Home Affairs has published the number of public holidays for 2081 BS that will begin on 1st Baisakh 2081 (April 13, 2024). Next year, there will be 53 Saturday holidays.

In 2081, there will be 35 days of public holidays. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs' list of holidays published in the Nepal Gazette, there will be 35 days of public holidays from the first of Baisakh to the end of Chaitra 2081, including 27 days of festival holidays. 6 holidays are marking specific days and 2 holidays are dedicated to marking the birth of various personalities.
. New Year's Day on the first of Baisakh, Ram Navami on the fifth of Baisakh, World Labor Day on the nineteenth of Baisakh, and Buddha Purnima on the tenth of June have all been declared public holidays in the country for 2081. The Republic Day holiday was declared on May 15th. There are four additional public holidays in Kathmandu Valley for various Jatras: one day in the Gaura festival area and one day in the Siruva Pawni festival area.

According to the notice published in the gazette, Haritalika Tij festival leave has been granted to female employees. Similarly, women employees who celebrate Jitiya are granted Jitiya leave. Educational institutions will observe an additional holiday on Vasant Panchami.

The holidays published in the gazette will apply to both government and non-government sectors. The Janayuddha Diwas holiday has been canceled by order of the Supreme Court. The Martyrs' Day and Prithvi Jayanti holidays have been added for next year.

Public holidays list:
> Nepali New Year
> Ram Navami
> Buddha Jayanti/Ubhauli Parwa
> Rakshyabandhan/Janaipurnima
> Krishna Janmashtami
> Ghatasthapana
> Dashain Holidays (Phulpati to Duwadashi – 5 days)
> Tihar Holidays (Laxmi Puja to day after Bhai Tika -4 days)
> Chhath
> Christmas Day
> Udhauli Parwa/Yomari Punhi
> Tamu Lohsar
> Maghe Sankranti
> Sonam Lohsar
> Maha Shivaratri
> Gyalpo Lohsar
> Eid al-Fitr
> Eid al-Adha
> Fagu Purnima/Holi
> Gai Jatra (Kathmandu valley only)
> Indrajatra ( Kathmandu valley only)
> Ghode Jatra (Kathmandu valley only)
> Bhoto Dekhaune Jatra (Kathmandu valley only)
> Gaura Parwa
> Teej (Women only)
> International Women’s Day (Women only)
> Jitiya Parwa (Only for women who celebrate)
> Republic Day
> Constitution Day
> Shahid Diwas
> National Democracy Day
> Prithvi Jayanti
> Labour Day/May Day

List of Holidays for 2081 B.S.  (published by Government of Nepal ,Ministry of Home Affairs):