Wednesday, May 15, 2024

How to get online pass to enter Singha Durbar ?


Singha Durbar, the country's main administrative center, is implementing a simple, technology-friendly approach to entry management. For this purpose, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has announced the launch of the Singhadurbar Smart Gate Pass, an online entry pass system.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), Government of Nepal, has implemented a trial run of the e-gate pass system. This initiative aims to simplify entry procedures and improve visitor convenience at Singha Durbar.

According to the home ministry, individuals can request an e-gate pass with a QR code via a dedicated website. Applicants will receive an e-gate pass after the MoHA approves their application, which must be presented for entry into Singha Durbar.

The e-gate pass can be obtained by visiting the website ' LINK HERE '. Following the trial period, the e-gate pass system will be expanded to all ministries and agencies within Singha Durbar.