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TU Academic Calendar (Application, Entrance, Admission, Class, Exam and Result dates) of Bachelor's Level Semester Program (2081)

Tribhuvan University has proposed an academic calendar for the Bachelor's Level Semester Program for the Academic Year 2081 across its faculties and institutes. According to the proposed annual calendar, entrance application forms for the first semester of the Bachelor's Level program will be available in the first and second weeks of the Shrawan 2081 month. Tribhuvan University has scheduled an entrance exam and admission period for Poush. The proposed calendar states that classes begin in Ashoj, exams begin in Paush, and results publication from Baisakh first.

TU Proposed Generic Academic Calendar of Bachelor's Level Semester Program for Academic Year 2081
for following faculties
1. Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) ( BSc Ag; BSc Hot)
2. Institute of Engineering (IOE)
3. Institute of Forestry (IoF) (BSc F)
4. Institute of Science and Technology (IoST) (B.Sc. CSIT; BIT; B. Math. Sc.)
5. Faculty of Law (FoL) (B.A. LL.B)
6. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) (BCA)
7. Faculty of Management ( BIM; BTTM; BHM; BBA; BPA; BBM)

SN 1: Application Form
I Semester: 2081 Shrawan 3rd Week; 2081 Shrawan 2nd Week

SN 2: Entrance
I Semester: 2081 Bhadra 3rd Week

SN 3: Admission
I Semester: 2081 Bhadra 4th Week

SN 4: Class Start
I Semester: 2081 Ashoj 1st Week
II Semester: 2081 Magh 2nd Week
III Semester: 2082 Asar 2nd Week
IV Semester: 2082 Mangsir 3rd Week
V Semester: 2083 Jestha 1st Week
VI Semester: 2083 Mangsir 1st Week
VII Semester: 2084 Baisakh 2nd Week
VIII Semester: 2084 Kartik 4th Week

SN 5: Exam
I Semester: 2081 Paush 3rd Week
II Semester: 2082 Jestha 3rd Week
III Semester: 2082 Mangsir 1st Week
IV Semester: 2083 Baisakh 2nd Week
V Semester: 2083 Kartik
VI Semester: 2083 Chaitra 3rd Week
VII Semester: 2084 Asoj
VIII Semester: 2084 Chaitra 4th Week

SN 6: Result
I Semester: 2082 Baisakh 1st
II Semester: 2082 Asoj 1st
III Semester: 2082 Falgun 3rd
IV Semester: 2083 Shrawan 4th
V Semester: 2083 Magh
VI Semester:2084 Shrawan 1st
VII Semester: 2084 Paush
VIII Semester: 2085 Shrawan 2nd