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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Purbanchal University Public Health MPH Colleges in Nepal

The MPH affiliated to Purbanchal University two year curriculum has been designed to provide quality education in nursing which is comparable to the international levels. It also ensures that each student is exposed to professional knowledge and practice through evidence–based learning and problem-solving approaches.

Main purposes are:
> Develop knowledge on public health programs, problems and issues
> Develop practical knowledge on management of health services
> Enhance the bio statistical knowledge
> Promote skills in conducting research
> Develop capacities in evaluating the public health programs
> Promote the knowledge on international health issues and their implications
> To train the students in problem solving approaches
> Promote self centered learning approach

Some of the Purbanchal University affiliated Colleges offering Master in Public Health MPH Course are:

1. Little Buddha College of Health Sciences [ view details]

2. Asian College of Advance Studies [ view details]

3. Hope International College [ view details]

Click the link below for more listing
Master in Public Health MPH Colleges in Nepal,Purbanchal University


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