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Tribhuvan University Guidelines for BBS 4th Year Project Report Writing

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of management has published guidelines for BBS (4th Year) project report writing.The purpose of published document is to provide basic guidelines to the students, supervisors, research committee, and other associated persons on some important aspects of writing, supervising and evaluating the project work report prepared for the course MGT 401: Final Project.

The document consists of
> brief introduction to the project work report writing and its learning outcomes,
> the responsibilities to be followed by the students, the supervisors, and the Research Committee of respective campuses/ colleges,
> guidelines for preparing a project work,
> the evaluation of the project work report, and
> appendices (format of the project work report.

Introduction and Learning Outcomes
Writing a project work report is an essential academic requirement for the fourth year BBS students. This is a study-enterprise for independent leaning from field based activities. It gives students an opportunity to enquire into real business practices and relate it with the theory they have learnt so far. In this process, the student will, first of all, choose a business unit for the study; and may confine in one of its functional departments. Then they will collect data, organize and present them in a logical order, analyze and draw conclusion from the analysis. Thus, they are expected to gain firsthand experience with the business environment and the way a business unit operates its business. Finally, they will prepare a formal report in a prescribed format reflecting their knowledge and experience of the project work and submit it to the Research Department of the concerned campus/ college for evaluation.


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After completing the project work, the student is expected to:
> be familiar with the environment of the business unit/ events/ place, etc with which s/he was involved/ associated with,
> understand the functioning the business unit,

> identify an issue or problem for investigation,
> identify relevant literature and appropriately review, cite and list them in bibliography,
> collect relevant data on the problem or issues for analysis,
> present data in a systematic and meaningful order,
> apply correct tools and techniques of data analysis,
> analyze the data and draw conclusions,
> prepare a report in a clear, concise and logical manner, and
> prepare a formal academic report by following format provided by the Faculty of Management.
Responsibilities of Students, Supervisors and Research Committee

Students are fully and solely responsible for writing and editing the project work report of acceptable quality by meeting all requirements of the Faculty of Management.

Specifically, the students shall have the following responsibilities for the project work report writing.
> To prepare a project work proposal within one month of the beginning of the session in consultation with major/concentration subject teacher, and get formal approval from the campus/college level research committee after needful revisions suggested by the committee.
> To work closely with the concerned supervisor, campus/college level research committee chair and other members as needed, keeping the supervisor regularly informed of progress.
> In case students desire to change the scope of the approved project work, students shall have to obtain a formal approval from supervisor and the research committee prior to making any change in the scope of the project work.
> To comply with all procedures, format requirements and the University rules and regulations regarding the project work.
> To ensure that the project work has sufficient evidence of originality, appropriate organization and format, and thorough documentation.
> To use correct formatting and accuracy of quotations and literature citations.
> To make corrections and revisions as many times as suggested by the concerned supervisor and the research committee.
> To proofread the whole document, including acknowledgements, references, and appendices.
> To ensure that project work report has met the format requirements as provided by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University.
> To get recommendation from the supervisor and submit the final report (three copies) to the research committee.

> To take primary responsibility to stay informed about notifications and deadlines issued by the research committee, the campus/college and Office of the Controller of Examinations, TU. (No exceptions shall be made for missed deadlines or late submission of project work report).


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The supervisor is responsible for the following.
> To familiarize themselves with this project work policy and format requirements, and deadlines that affect students, and bring into their notice from time to time.
> To sincerely advise students on improvements to organization, form, content, and expression of material.
> To sign the recommendation form and certify that:
- the document is well-written, which includes writing and format as well as the overall quality of the project work report,
- it is an accurate description of the work performed,
- it is an original and worthwhile contribution by the student, and
- the suggestions made by the supervisor and the research committee have been incorporated into the final document.

Research Committee and its Chair
Although students shall have the primary responsibility for writing and submitting the project work report, the research committee and its chair shall have the responsibility to thoroughly implement this project work procedure and format requirements. The committee or its Chair will be responsible for the following.
> To formulate necessary policy, procedures and guidelines for the effective implementation of the project work report writing assignment of the students,
> To organize orientation program for the students on the purpose of the project work and any other topic useful to the students such as selection of the organization/topic, proposal writing, and project work report writing, etc.
> To prepare a list of supervisors based on defined criteria.
> To appoint supervisor for each student.
> To develop evaluation policy and criteria.
> To resolve any disagreements between students and concerned supervisors.
> To sign and certify that:
- the document is well-written, which includes writing and format as well as the overall quality of the project work report,
- it is an accurate description of the work performed,
- it is an original and worthwhile contribution by the student, and
- the suggestions made by the concerned supervisor and the research committee have been incorporated into the final document

Guidelines for Preparing a Project Work Report

The following guidelines have been provided for the preparation of a project work report.

- Paper
Use only white, 8.5 -by-11 inch paper of good quality.

- Fonts
Project work reports are typed in Times New Roman using 12-point characters. However, the students may reduce the font size within tables or figures to fit within margins.

- Spacing and Justification
Text must be 1.5 spaced, except for quoted passages that may be indented and single-spaced for emphasis and within the Table of Contents or List of Figures/Tables when a heading or caption title wraps to a second line. Text must be justified (align text to both the left and right margins).

- Margins
Leave uniform margins of at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) at the top, bottom, left, and right of every page. Combined with a uniform typeface and font size, uniform margins enhance readability and provide a consistent gauge for estimating report length.

- Page Numbers
The preliminary pages (preceding the first main section) must have lower case Roman numerals starting with the declaration page that is numbered “ii”. The title page is unnumbered, but the implied number is “i”. The lower case Roman numerals are placed within the footer (bottom center).

The first page of text (Introduction) uses the Arabic number “1” and pages thereafter carry consecutive Arabic numbers, including the pages in the Appendices and References. Arabic numbers are positioned in the upper right-hand corner, one inch from the top and one inch in from the right edge of the paper.

- Headings and Subheadings
The following is a general heading level outline to be used. Each new primary heading must start on a new page.

The primary heading or heading level one is center justified, and all upper case. Triple space to text.

> Heading Level Two
Heading level two is left aligned; the first letter of each major word is capitalized, and has spacing set at 12 point before and 18 points after.

> Heading level three
Heading level three is left aligned; the font is underlined and in sentence case. There is a double space to the following text.

> Heading level four (paragraph heading). This heading is indented with the paragraph. The fontcis underlined and in sentence case. The heading ends with a period.

Layout of Preliminary Pages

The project report includes preliminary pages in the following order – the declaration, supervisor's recommendation, endorsement, acknowledgements, table of contents, list of tables, list of figures and abbreviations.

- Title Page: the title page is assumed to be page “i” but is not numbered. The title is typed in all upper case. All text on the title page is center justified. (See Appendix A: Title page)

- Declaration: students’ declaration about the originality of work. (See Appendix B: Declaration)

- Supervisor’s Recommendation: a recommendation letter from the supervisor for approval of the project work report. (See Appendix C: Supervisor’s Recommendation)

- Endorsement: an endorsement letter from the research committee chair to the TU Office of the Controller of Examinations, Kathmandu. (See Appendix D: Endorsement)

- Acknowledgements: acknowledge them who have really helped you to prepare the project work report.

- Table of Contents: Double space down from heading. Insert table of contents. All headings and subheadings are capitalized and punctuated exactly as they are in the text. The table of contents is double- spaced except when a heading or caption wraps to a second line. (See Appendix E: Table of Content)

- List of Tables: Triple space down from heading.

- List of Figures: Triple space down from heading.

- Abbreviations: List of abbreviations and acronyms in alphabetical order.

Appendices (if applicable): Triple space down from heading.

Format of the Main Body of Project Work Report

A project work report shall have the following three chapters.

> Chapter 1 - Introduction: background; profile of the organization, events, activities, etc; objectives of the study; rational; method of the study; review of literature; limitations of the study.

> Chapter 2 - Results and Analysis: presentation of results and findings of project work.

> Chapter 3 – Summary and Conclusion – a brief summary of the report, and conclusion based on the findings of the report.

Bibliography: includes all sources used in the study, using APA format for citation. (Visit Website: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/08/)

Appendices: Include material too detailed or lengthy for inclusion in the body of the study (e.g., questionnaires, maps, photos, and letters of permission). Each appendix shall have to be labeled alphabetically.

Length of the Project Report: The length of the Project Report will be around 8,000 to 10,000 words (approximately 30 – 35 pages). The length is exclusive of the materials included in the preliminary section and appendixes.


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