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TU 3 BBS Second Year 2076 Exam routine and 4 Years BBS Second Year 2076 Exam routine

Tribhuvan University has published exam routine of 3 Years and 4 Years BBS Second Year 2076.

Key dates:
The examination of 4 years BBS 2nd year 2076 starts from 2076-04-15 (Business communication-MGT-205) and ends on 2076-04-24 (Foundation of Human Resource Mgmt.-MGT-216). The examination of 3 years BBS 2nd year starts on 2076-04-14 (Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning-MGT-211) and ends on 2076-04-23 (Fundamentals of Marketing-MGT-214).

Examination Time:

The Examination time for both 4 years BBS 2nd year and 3 years BBS year is 12 pm to 3 pm.

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 4 Years B.B.S Second year given as follows:

1.Date: 2076-04-15
Subjects: Business Communication-MGT-205

2. Date: 2076-04-17
Subjects: Macro-Economics-MGT-206

3. Date: 2076-04-20
Subjects: Cost & Management Accounting-MGT-212

4.Date: 2076-04-22
Subjects: Fundamentals of Marketing-MGT-214

5. Date: 2076-04-24
Subjects: Foundation of Human Resource Mgmt-MGT-216

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 3 Years B.B.S Second year given as follows:

1. Date: 2076-04-14
Subjects: Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning-MGT-211

2. Date: 2076-04-16

Subjects: Foundations of Human Resource Mgmt-MGT-216

3.Date: 2076-04-19
Subjects: Business Law-MGT-204

4. Date: 2076-04-21
Subjects: Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt. -215

5. Date: 2076-04-23
Subjects: Fundamentals of Marketing-MGT-214

Special Notice:
As per notice publishes,students of any faculties (Management, Humanities,Education and Science) of both 3/4years program who have failed to submit examination form can submit examination form in their respective campuses/colleges by paying the double fee within Ashadh 20, 2075.

Campuses are requested tosubmit the collected form to examination controller office on Ashadh 23 and 24, 2076. Private students can submit their exam application form in the Examination Controller Office on Ashadh 22, 2076.

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