Saturday, June 16, 2018

Teachers Service Commission announces vacancy for Secondary Level Teachers

Teachers Service Commission announces vacancies (published on 16 june 2018, Gorkhapatra) for Secondary Level Teachers which will be fulfilled through the open competition. The written examination date is 11 Ashwin, 2075 (27 September 2018, Time: 1:30 PM)

Position: Teacher (Secondary Level)
Number of Vacancies: 1108
Academic Qualification: Bachelor Degree

Application Deadline:
- Normal Fee: 2075 Asar 31 (22 July 2018)
- Double Late Fee: Shrawan 6  (22 July 2018)


Teachers Service Commission announces vacancy for Primary Level Teachers

How to Apply

> Interested applicants for the post of teacher in the community schools should fill up the application form
>  Then it should be submitted to the respective District Administration Office.

view official notice below for more details:


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