Monday, March 30, 2020

    List of Public Holidays for 2077 B.S. (2020-2021) in Nepal

    Government of Nepal ,Ministry of Home Affairs has published the number of public holidays for 2077 BS that will begin on April 13. The government has fixed public holidays other than 51 Saturdays for Nepali year of 2077 BS including the regional and religious specified holidays.
    According to a notification published by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Nepal Gazett , there will be public holidays for five days during Dashain and three days during Tihar. For dashain, there are five days of public holidays from October 23 to 27 starting with Phulpati till Ekadashi, with the Tika day on October 26. Likewise, for Tihar, there are three days of holidays from November 14 to 16, on the days of Laxmi Puja, followed by Mha Puja and Bhaitika, Govardhan Puja and Nepal Sambat New Year.


    Nepali Calendar 2077/ Nepali Patro 2077

    Other public holidays include Nepali New Year day, Buddha Jayanti, Mahashivaratri, Holi, International Workers’ Day, Constitution Day and International Women’s Day, which will be applicable to all.

    Other festival holidays will be effective only in the concerned districts and for followers of specific religion and rituals.

    List of Holidays for 2077 B.S.  (published by Government of Nepal ,Ministry of Home Affairs):

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