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    Real Estate Career and Course in Nepal


    Real Estate Sector is such an immense field where along with construction, buying and selling of residential/commercial real estate, selling raw land, managing or investing in properties, or putting money into real investment trusts (REITs) are just a few of the ways in which people become involved in this complex industry. It is a continuous and perpetual process where asset creation and up gradation process goes on in a cycle.

    A real estate career is exciting and challenging. Real Estate has turned out to be an awarding career for many; still many opt for this career without acquiring any kind of degree or education, which was justified some years ago as there were not many property programs being offered at universities. However, now you can get education on real estate through training organize in your own country or finding universities offering such programs in many developed countries.

    Property plays a very significant role in the economies and financial markets in all parts of the world. It has good recognition as many qualified professionals as any other sector. However, for years people had no other option but to acquire the regular MBA or a similar degree and get into the field having no clue as to how the property market works. Time changed and should be thankful for positive scenario of real estate education. Highly esteem institutes are gradually starting to realize the importance of qualified real estate professionals. Now we've got the institutes like Brihat Investments, in Nepal which has taken initiatives to develop professionals dedicated to real estate sector that will not only reduce the human resource shortage in this market but also provide a platform to fresh graduates and MBAs to start their career in real estate. Agent, developer, broker, mortgage broker, property manager, portfolio manager, appraiser, investor, valuator, advisor, consultant, planner, researcher and more options and plenty of scopes are in real estate career.

    Real Estate Marketing is the ideal course for anybody who is looking to pursue a career in a real estate market where lots of new constructions are in pipeline or under progress. Because of the shortage of qualified professionals, one can expect to get a job without delay once you get certificate of participation or degree from university.

    A Real Estate Marketing Agent (REMA) acts as a catalytic role between the buyer and the seller to decide for their interest. Thus, it can be said undoubtedly that the REMA profession and the Real Estate market run parallel, complementing each other. Real Estate sector has tremendous potential. Introduction of “Master Developer Concept” will enhance more opportunity for all the international as well as domestic investors.

    Real State Career
    You have the chance to earn enormous financial returns in the thriving real estate sector. Some of the best paid positions are in the real estate industry. However, there is other more real estate work opportunities that you may not be aware of, in addition to helping people buy and sell property.

    The real estate industry has grown as a result of the demand for proper, secure settlement. Over the years, real estate has developed into a thriving industry with a wide range of professional options.

    How Can I Start a Real Estate Career?
    The first thing you should know is that there are several real estate job choices available, all of which have different educational requirements. If you have the necessary credentials in your desired field, you can start your career in one of the many real estate fields. Since the real estate industry is always changing, there is a high demand for the numerous vocations and careers that are related to it.

    How much time you can commit to your real estate job should also be taken into account. To be successful, you must be available on your clients' terms, which frequently entails working nights, weekends, and holidays.

    Depending on the type of work you conduct, salaries in real estate might range from NPR 20,000 to NPR 100,000 each year. Your earnings may be considerably higher if you develop a substantial clientele, possess exceptional business and sales abilities, and are prepared to put in a lot of effort. For those interested in assisting people in buying and selling houses, the real estate industry is expanding and offers several work prospects. The possibility of flexible hours or the potential financial benefits may draw you in. There are numerous benefits to considering a career in real estate if you are extroverted and open to learning.

    Advantages of a career in real estate:
    > Flexible hours
    > Good salary
    > Connections with people
    > Ability to get out of the office
    > Varied workdays

    You likely want to assist clients in buying and selling properties if you're considering getting a real estate license. You might not be aware that a real estate license is useful in numerous other professions. Obtaining a license has more uses than only working as an agent. To succeed in each of the careers listed here, you'll need to employ the same industry expertise you learn in real estate school.

    Remember that getting a real estate license doesn't just entitle you to work as an agent. With a real estate license, you can work as a title examiner, property manager, loan officer, and more. If you want to start working in the field of real estate, you must know about all the career options that there are in this field.
    1. Property Manager
    2. Head of Marketing
    3. Mortgage Broker
    4. Real Estate Agent
    5. Real Estate Investor
    6. Residential or Commercial Appraiser
    7. Foreclosure Specialist
    8. Leasing Consultant
    9. Commercial Leasing Manager
    10. Real Estate Loan Officer
    11. Real Estate Photographer

    One of the best and most popular real estate occupations is becoming a real estate agent. Real estate agents assist clients in buying or selling real estate. In other words, you can represent buyers or sellers. When two parties are trying to acquire or sell a piece of property, a real estate agent serves as the middleman or broker. Real estate agents have the knowledge and experience to either sell a home at the best price and terms or to find a property that will suit a client's needs and purchase it at the best price and terms.

    A dedicated work ethic and hard-working attitude are necessary for an excellent real estate agent. They must master the fundamentals: marketing, verbal and written communication abilities, and negotiating are crucial success components.

    Real Estate Marketing Specialist
    How would individuals learn about the existence of your real estate company on the market? Without a marketing plan, how will you attract customers? Real estate businesses, like all businesses, use marketing to raise awareness of their existence. A real estate marketing professional is in charge of an agency's marketing. They are in charge of developing printed materials, managing social media, creating digital content, creating campaign emails, and managing the brand as a whole. The effectiveness of brand marketing determines a company's market worth. Consequently, becoming a real estate marketing specialist is a difficult job.

    The experts who carry out marketing tasks are real estate marketing specialists. Their objective is to increase public awareness of a brand. Without them, customers for agents and brokerages will be drastically reduced. The marketing professional will frequently handle social media management, digital content creation, printed material development, campaign email writing, and brand management.

    Some potential positions and future career paths include working as an:
    > Acquisitions Analyst
    > Residential Appraiser
    > Credit Analyst
    > Community Relations Coordinator
    > Development Assistant
    > Leasing Coordinator
    > Marketing Coordinator
    > Mortgage Officer

    Real estate experts with a high degree of education and expertise will always be in demand, regardless of how well the home market is doing. Some real estate occupations now provide flexible work hours, the chance to work from home, and the chance to be self-employed thanks to technological improvements.

    A real estate career encompasses an incredibly diverse range of job possibilities with great potential for advancement. Here are several real estate career options and their accompanying responsibilities:

    Real Estate Degree Options
    Bachelor's Degree
    A bachelor's degree is typically seen as an essential first step in a real estate career, regardless of your interests in development, financing, property management, or brokerage. College grads with a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration, accounting, finance, real estate, or public administration are increasingly being hired by employers to fill these positions.

    Earning an MBA will help you hone your business skills and provide you the credentials you need to stand out to employers whether you're interested in a career in corporate real estate, finance, or real estate development. An MBA is a requirement for anyone seeking management-related job advancement.
    For different types of real estate careers, you may need to take additional courses or certifications such as:

    REMA course
    There are various degrees available for real estate career but if you are planning to get the extensive knowledge and enhance the capabilities significantly as well as cultivate ethics in real estate business, Brihat Investment is providing REMA course to direct focus on and to transfer knowledge about the sustainable growth of the real-estate sector in Nepal under moral obligations and institutional standards. Brihat Investments aims to develop benchmarks for real estate sector, provide with comprehensive market data to end-users, retail & institutional investors and other stakeholders, facilitate of asset acquisition and investment process, promote adoption of international standards including the financial and other disclosure norms, best practices and corporate social responsibilities etc. Hence, Brihat Investments is conducting Real Estate Marketing Agent (REMA) course with the major objective to provide in depth knowledge on real estate and practical skills to plan & execute successful sales & leasing strategies for different types of properties and carry out basic appraisal.

    Although it is simple to find employment as a real estate agent, success as an agent depends on knowledge, ability, and information about real estate. Your career will take on a new dimension as a result of the REMA course, which will also help you build new networks. To give you a head start in the real estate market, through this course you will be able to: Share experiences with successful real estate expert or agent who can suggest a roadmap, gain knowledge on skills required to be a successful real estate agent and set aside goals, distinguish the difference between building bylaws and construction from real estate law and practices in Nepal, get insights on various home loans and insurance schemes, enhance your real estate market knowledge and ability to evaluate the property in the current market scenario and acquire knowledge on real estate marketing and sale tools and techniques.

    The course contents of REMA are being updated every time after the recommendations of REMA's latest batch's participants. However, major course content remains the same with few modifications as per the requirements. If you're considering a real estate career, plan to take a real estate marketing course before seeking your first customer.

    How do you start a career in real estate?
    If you are interested in a career in real estate, here are steps you can follow:
    > Determine what type of real estate career you want.
    > Find out what is required by your state.
    > Obtain the required certification.
    > Send a resume to a real estate firm.
    > Create a marketing and advertising strategy.
    > Create a clientele list.

    What education do you need for a career in real estate?
    - High school diploma or equivalent: You need basic math and language skills.
    - Bachelor's degree: Earning a bachelor's degree is optional.

    The income of a real estate agent is not constrained by an hourly rate or a range of salaries set by a corporation. Although the real estate sector is competitive, building contacts and networking are crucial to a successful career, just like in any other sales position. Opportunities in the sector frequently coincide with ups and downs in the property market and economy.

    Who Hires Real Estate Professionals?
    Some of the real estate housing companies hiring Real Estate Professionals in various fields are as follows:

    1. CE Construction
    2. CG Developers
    3. Downtown Housing
    4. Brihat Property Solutions
    5. Roadshow Real Estate
    6. Platinum Developers Pvt. Ltd.
    7. Mount View Developers
    8. Greenhill City Pvt. Ltd
    9. Golyan Group
    10. Shangrila Housing
    11. CG Properties