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MBA vs MBS in Nepal: Which Degree is Right for Me ?

When deciding between an MBA vs MBS for your graduate degree in business and management, it’s important to understand the differences. While these two business degrees are similar, the differences can include topics covered, curriculum, and the option of choosing a concentration.

Regardless of which you decide, earning a masters degree requires a big investment in time and money. Both MBA and MBS degrees in business may help you kick-start your career or help you change paths. Therefore, use your previous education, professional experience, and career goals to help you decide between a MBA vs MBS.


A program that prepares students for careers in business management and leadership in both the private and public sectors. It provides the students with a solid, comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of business, the global environment in which they will function, the analytical tools for intelligent decision-making opportunity to gain further functional expertise through specialization courses.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program will allow students to
> Analyze, synthesize and evaluate the knowledge acquired through research and apply it to practical business situations
> Integrate formal academic learning with individual business experience so that meaningful personalized learning takes place;
> Think analytically and globally within a business environment; and
> Develop a motivation for and appreciate the wisdom of acquiring lifelong learning.
While MBA programs cover a number of subjects, many offer the option to fine-tune your degree by choosing a concentration like MBA in in Finance, Global Business, Agri-business, Entrepreneurship , Non-profit.

Eligibility for MBA
Each Management School has its own criteria laid out for enrollment. However, the general requirements include A minimum of 15 years of formal education with a Bachelor’s degree (12 years of schooling plus three years of graduation).Different universities also layout a GPA or percentage criteria for the students. Some are:

TU School of Management: Minimum 2.0 GPA or 45% in Bachelor’s level b. KU School of Management:  Minimum of 50 percent marks in aggregate or 2 CGPA (from universities approved by Kathmandu University).


Top MBA Colleges of Nepal

Masters of Business Studies for professionals is a two year, four semester graduate program. The program is offered in affiliation with the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. These masters programs offer an expert learning strategy that enables students to think strategically while providing career growth.

The Master of Business Studies (MBS) programme requires the students to study a total of 1000 marks. Fourteen analytical and core courses (700 marks), 2 specialization courses (200 marks) and a thesis or two seminar papers (100 marks) will have to be completed.

The MBS programme specifically aims to:
> Equip the students with required conceptual knowledge of business and management
> Prepare managers in the functional areas of management.
> Develop knowledge and skill of business environment in national and global perspective.
> Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in the Nepalese society.
> Develop research capability in the students.

While MBS programs cover a number of subjects, many offer the option to fine-tune your degree by choosing a concentration like MBS in Finance, Marketing, General Management, Accountancy

Eligibility for MBS
The student applying for admission to to MBS course must have successfully completed the BBS programme or a bachelor degree on any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University
Applicants for the the Masters of Business Studies is reviewed through their applications, interviews, and the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) before being admitted.

Which Degree is Right for Me ?

The Master of Business Studies (MBS) deals with areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and general management. Similar to the MBA, it equips students for high-level managerial roles in organizations. MBA tends to be a more practical-oriented and comprises of studies at a more administrable level. 

If you’re looking for career flexibility or management training, an MBA is the way to go. Through varied classes, case studies, and a diverse student body, you will be exposed to a whole gamut of subjects and industry opportunities.

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