Monday, March 20, 2023

List of Public Holidays for 2080 B.S. (2023-2024) in Nepal

Government of Nepal ,Ministry of Home Affairs has published the number of public holidays for 2080 BS that will begin on 1st Baisakh 2080 (April 14, 2023). The Ministry of Home Affairs has fixed 35 nationwide holidays, excluding Saturdays, for the year 2080 BS.Of them, there will be holidays for six days in Dashain and five days in Tihar.

According to a notice issued by the MoHA, the public holidays will be applicable to government offices only. New Year Day, Ubhauli/Chandi Purnima, Rakshya Bandhan/Nag Panchami, Gaura festival, Eid, Chhath, Bakra Eid, Yamari Punhi/Udhauli festival, Tamu Lhosar, Maghi festival, Sonal Lhosar, Mahashivaratri, Gyalpo Lhosar and Fagu Purnima have also been declared public holidays.

There will be holidays for national and international days such as International Workers' Day, Republic Day, Constitution Day, People's War Day, and International Women's Day. As per the ministry, there will be six birth anniversary holidays — Buddha Jayanti, Krishna Janmasthami, Guru Nanak Jayanti (only for government employees from Shikh community), Falgunananda Jayanti (only for government employees from Kirat community), Ram Navami and Mahavir Jayanti (only for government employees from Jain community).

Similarly, the MoHA informed that the provincial governments may declare public holidays for up to six days in a year considering their respective religions, culture and rituals, in addition to those fixed by the federal government.The public holidays declared by them will be applicable to all the government offices of the concerned provinces.

List of Holidays for 2080 B.S.  (published by Government of Nepal ,Ministry of Home Affairs):