Tuesday, July 3, 2018

KU Social Sciences Colleges in Nepal Kathmandu University BoSS Bachelor in Social Science

This program is focused on the dynamics of social change relating primarily with Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology and Philosophies. This program will give a new perspective addressing various issues of social sciences, especially on Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology and Environment.  Complementing the contributions in various fields of social sciences, it will have a holistic approach to address the dynamics and complexity of social challenges.

Content and Structure
Along with basic, language and research skills pertaining to social sciences, it will contain core subjects of Sociology, Anthropology, Culture, Political Science and Psychology. The course structure also contains subjects correlated with the core from various fields of development, economics, environment etc.  It contains internship as well as project work, along with electives of three subjects for specialization.  The unique feature of this course is to have the option of taking foreign language as a part of the program.  The 125 credit hour course will be completed in eight-semester(four-year) cycle.

Some of the Kathmandu University affiliated Colleges offering BoSS Course are:

> National College for Higher Education
Address: Baluwatar, Kathmandu

National College, Center for Development Studies, was established in 1999 by a group of experienced and dedicated academicians for providing quality and need based education in a highly congenial academic environment. The broad objective of the college is to prepare and mould students capable of catering to the future manpower needs of the country. [ View details ]

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BoSS Colleges in Nepal, TU