Monday, June 26, 2017

Management course for future managers and entrepreneurs

Without management skills no knowledge can be thoroughly applied to achieve success in life. And students of Apex College, Old Baneshwar, currently studying different streams of management--Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Business Administration-Banking And Insurance (BBA-BI), Bachelor in Business Administration-Travel and Tourism (BBA-TT), Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS)--shared with My City’s Nasana Bajracharya why they studied management and how it has helped them grow.

Swati Karn (BBA-BI, 8th Semester)
Deciding to choose any field of study is determined by two main aspects: quality of education and dedicated faculty. BBA-BI has different teaching method and we are growing each day with the number of projects and presentations we prepare over the course. One of the many reasons why students fly abroad is placement. Though we have placement, it is not the same as practiced internationally. If we do enable placement on a larger scale, we might encourage students to stay and apply these managerial skills we learn here itself in Nepal.

Biplav Poudel (BBA, 8th Semester)
The BBA course matched my thinking and I joined this course. I run a logistics company and I have been applying the lessons learnt here, in my business. I got to work on myself and learn along the way. I was an introvert but my public speaking skills has increased exponentially, all because of BBA. The smart presentation, extra-curricular activities, writing exercises, time-to-time orientation and ample resources have helped me a lot.

Ramesh Thapaliya (BBA-BI, 6th Semester)
Very few are aware about the importance of insurance in our country. Its importance increased after the earthquake of April 2015. Only 10-12 percent of people are involved in insurance business. We also lack right leadership with proper management skills. In our course, we study all criteria of each insurance type and also laws and ethics; this helps us to implement them. Having said that, annually only few hundreds of students graduate from this course which means we lack the mass production we require for better crisis management.

Pema Choden Tamang (BBA-TT, 8th Semester)
BBA-TT has a similar course structure to BBA. However, this course specializes in tourism sector. We get to study the basics of management and also learn about air cargo and aviation. We have different options or careers to choose from. This is a very practical course related to the tourism sector. As I aim to improve Nepal’s tourism sector, this course is grooming me and teaching me about hotel business and travel agents as well.

Savana Sapkota (BBA, 8th Semester)
Where Science is applicable in one kind of field/job, Management, or BBA in particular, gives you that freedom to choose. I was confused after I finished my +2 in Science, but I don’t regret choosing this subject at all. We study the theories but we must be able to create new ideas to deal with the situations. So this makes you more creative and innovative. I want to be a social entrepreneur and I want to be able to contribute to society. But to study any subject, we need interest to invest ourselves in that field. Evaluate your strengths and decide.

Prativa Adhikari (BCIS, 6th Semester)
Our course is 40 percent management and 60 percent IT. As we live in the era of technology, the things we can do in the IT sector are limitless and we can even do management if we want. I aim to be a software programmer and with the help of this course we are getting familiar with computer languages like .php, .html, .css, .java, etc. and practicalities of this course with labs and projects. When we are aware we can ensure safety and as a result we will have less fraud-related cases. Nepal still has areas unexplored and we can work on them to install new system or work on pre-existing systems to make it more managed.

Yamber Rayamajhi (BBA-BI, 6th Semester)

BBA-BI is very dynamic in nature. This course is in the developing phase. We are getting the right amount of exposure and developing communication as well as leadership skills. The level of excellence is totally different and we are constantly involved in extracurricular activities. People talk a lot about the scope of BBA, but I believe, scope is what we make of it. The right management can help bring about new revolution through new technologies. What we require is passion and interest to do something; we can succeed in any field.

Johnson Shrestha (BCIS, 6th Semester)
After I finished my grade 12, I joined BCIS without knowing much about it. But, there hasn’t been a day where I had to regret my decision. This sector is open to each and every field. Though I haven’t decided where to invest my knowledge, I think I would be free to choose from any field I want when the time comes. As this is a different course altogether, we have very limited production of skilled manpower which affects the overall development as well. What we require is the enthusiasm to learn and the passion to do something.

Ramesh Sodari (BBA-TT, 8th Semester)
From the smallest to the biggest businesses all require proper management. As the tourism sector has a high scope, we can join any business or start a business of our own. I am planning to be an entrepreneur myself in travel-related business. Nepal is well-known for its hospitality and the tourism sector holds the highest possibilities. It is not necessary for us to go abroad, we can do all we want here itself. We need to develop our tourism sector.

Sama Kharel (BBA, 8th Semester)
We need to drop this idea that Science stream is the only place where you can excel. You can excel in management too. As many perceive it to be, BBA is not only about banking. And it is also not restricted to any stream. Management is required in politics, media and other sectors.  I did my A-levels in Science but always wanted to do management. In fact, this is where you get to work on yourself. The idea of my own family towards management has changed over time and I think others will change their perception as well.

source: republica, 27 June 2017