Thursday, July 13, 2023

Vacancy notice from Nepalese Army

Nepali Army, Recruitment Selection Directorate, Personnel Department, Jangi Adda announces vacancies for various positions.These vacant positions will be fulfilled through Open and Inclusive competition. Eligible Nepalese citizens can apply Online by affixing the stamp of Rs. 10.

Position: Cadet, Technical, Aviation, and Miscellaneous officers.
> No. of vacancies: 108
> Application form fee: Rs. 1000 (20% extra for the applicant who applies in more than one group)

Application form Submission Deadline
> With Normal Fee: Shrawan 27, 2080 (August 12, 2023)
> With Late Fee: Bhadra 02, 2080 (August 19, 2023)

view official vacancy notice below for more details: