Thursday, December 20, 2018

    MBA: Ticket to success in a professional world

    "The programme has proven instrumental in linking the students with the professional environment. Among other business management degrees, the educators and students claim that they are more comprehensive and experience-based"
    After graduating as an Electronics and communication engineer from Uttarakhand Technical University in Dehradun, Aditya Raj decided to return back to Nepal to pursue his career. With an excellent degree and lots of hopes and aspirations, he was ready to materialise his designs and ideas. But things did not go as he had expected.

    As he began his professional journey, he soon realised that his engineering degree was not enough to accommodate his aspirations to be an entrepreneur. As an engineer, he had the technical skills, but he wasn’t particularly proficient to explain his innovation to his clients. This led him to struggle to find a place for himself and his dreams seemed far-fetched to him.

    But Aditya wasn’t ready to give up too soon. He decided to enroll in the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) studies at the King’s College in Kathmandu—a decision he credits for everything he has achieved in the recent years.

    “I joined MBA because to be an entrepreneur, it was necessary for me to acquire basic management skills and understand the market trends,” says the 27 year old.

    Apart from engaging with the potential clients, it was also difficult for Aditya to manage the finance and marketing side of the business. His technical knowledge as an engineer limited his understanding of the market size and the scope of his business growth. At that time, he decided that pursuing MBA is the best option for him.

    CEO of his own startup called Digital Nepal;he is handling a young and enthusiastic team of 25 members.  Aditya and his team were the architect or the main developer of the mobile phone application launched by Province 2 for women’s safety. He believes that MBA has helped him manage his time and business to realise his vision of digitising the country’s educational system.

    The popularity of MBA studies have been consistently on the rise among professionals.Ideally, management students are expected to pursue this degree, but MBA has nearly similar appeal among students and professionals from other disciplines as well.

    For ShilpaKarki, a management student, pursuing an MBA degree was ‘a ticket to the business world.’“I have always aspired to be a big name in the business world and be recognised as a young and self-made woman leader,” shares Shilpa, who got enrolled in the Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) for her MBAin 2016 after cracking the tough entrance examination.

    “The MBA prepared me for the challenges ahead. Besides giving me knowledge about the market and management, it had a positive impact on my personality and public speaking skills,” she says.

    As she had hoped, as soon as she graduated this year, she had many job offers—all for managerial positions. This November she got placed as an assistant operations manager at Himalayan Front under the Kathmandu Guest House Group. All this, according to her, would not have been possible if she had settled for her bachelor’s degree.

    MBA courses have been instrumental in linking the students with the professional environment. Among other business management degrees, the educators and students claim that they are more comprehensive and experience-based.

    “MBS and other short courses do not provide as much exposure as MBA does. It prepares you for the corporate world by providing practical exposures,” says MadhuriKarna, a recent MBA graduate from BMS college of Engineering in Bangalore.

    After completing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) studies from Pokhara University, Madhuri did not waste any time in enrolling for the MBA. “Practical assignments, case studies, management festivals, industrial visitswerealso part of my MBA course. It honed my time management and knowledge management skills,” she says, originally from Nagarain Municipality in Dhanusha district.

    Madhuri, who graduated in June 2018, is now currently working as business development manager with EG Infra Private Ltd under the Emerald Group—an umbrella group of 22 other companies. 

    “This is the beginning of my career. I can see myself at prominent positions in the future because I am well-equipped with the essential knowledge and skills I have received during my MBA,” shares Madhuri.

    source: CHANDAN KUMAR MANDAL, the kathmandu post, 20 december 2018


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