Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How to get e-pass for vehicle on lockdown in Nepal ?

The government has decided to provide e-passes for vehicles and personal use from Tuesday.

After the government had placed a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), only vehicles involved in essential services were provided passes for transportation but for limited period.

 People involved in the essential service sector and those with valid reasons such as medical and other emergencies can apply for the e-pass.

1. People can apply for e-pass by visiting official website epass.moha.gov.np and could choose options for individual or vehicles.

2. The applicants have to fill up their personal information, phone number, id number, dates, service category, and information of the vehicle with supporting documents and choose the area and the district they want to access with the pass.

3. Applicants will require valid reasons to receive the digital pass.

4. The District Administration Office will choose the applicants on the basis of their valid reasons and supporting documents.
5. The District Administration Office will send an SMS if the applicant is selected and if not then the reason for rejection will be provided.

6. Those who are selected will get a six digit code.

People who are involved in essential service sectors like health, water supply, gas, milk, food, internet or require hospital visits for check-up, and funerals can apply for the e-pass.

View official notice below:


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