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    Best Information Technology (IT) Colleges in Nepal

    Information Technology (IT) is the practice of creating, processing, storing, retrieving, and exchanging various types of data and information using computers. Unlike personal or recreational technology, IT is primarily used in the context of commercial operations. Information and communications technology includes IT (ICT). An information technology system (IT system) is typically an information system, a communications system, or, more specifically, a computer system, complete with all peripheral devices, software, and hardware, that is used by a small number of IT users.

    Nepal is not an exception and has a good scope in IT field. Numerous IT human resources are needed due to the formation of various IT organizations, software development companies, and telecommunications companies, creating more job opportunities. There are many future opportunities for IT students because even non-IT related offices need IT professionals in some capacity. There are several work prospects that come along with different IT abilities, such as web design and development, programming, application development, etc. These days, there is a huge market demand for IT professionals. The current situation has undoubtedly encouraged the opening of more IT colleges and computer training facilities.

    Students at the Bachelor's and Intermediate levels are now choosing information technology (IT) courses in Nepal. Information technology is a word that covers a wide range of scientific activities, from the management, possession, and processing of information to the evaluation and analysis of associated technologies. The Internet, computer software and hardware, applications, etc., are only a few examples of current technology that have been optimized and made successful by IT professionals. It wouldn't be inaccurate to state that IT is influencing our way of life in ways we may or may not be aware of.

    The majority of the colleges in Nepal that provide IT courses at the bachelor's and master's level are associated with foreign universities as well as Nepalese universities (TU, PU, Purbanchal University, and Far-Western University). Information Technology (IT). Colleges affiliated with Nepalese Universities offer 4-year Bachelor and are more affordable. Their fees range between NPR 4 to 8 lakhs. The 3-year bachelor's degree is offered by the IT colleges affiliated with universities in Malaysia and the UK. The costs range from 7 to 12 lakhs NPR. For colleges affiliated with both national universities and international universities, master's level IT programs have a 2-year course requirement.

    Popular bachelor's degree programs with four-year duration are offered by numerous colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University. These include the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), and Bachelor of Software Engineering degrees. There are well-known master's level courses with two years of coursework. They are the MSc in Computer Science, Master of Computer Engineering, Master of Information Systems Engineering, and Master of Computer Information Systems (MCIS).

    Most of the foreign universities affiliated colleges offer various IT Programs at the Bachelor's and Master's levels in a variety of disciplines are affiliated to Universities from United Kingdom. These include the University of Sunderland, Leeds Beckett University, University of Wolverhampton, University of West of England, and University of London Metropolitan. For students who seek to obtain an internationally recognized qualification from a UK university at the most reasonable cost, these colleges offer top-notch education in Nepal. There are 651 computer science-related institutions listed in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021. 52 colleges and universities from the UK are included among them. The only institution that provides Bachelor and Master degrees in IT in collaboration with Malaysian University, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation is the LBEF College.

    BSc (Hons) Computing, BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technologies, BSc (Hons) Computer Networking, BSc (Hons) Mobile Application, BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, BSc IT Cloud Computing, and Bachelor's Degree in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity are the most popular bachelor's level IT courses with a duration of three years in international affiliation category. The most popular master's level IT courses with 2 year course length are the MSc IT (Master of Science in Information Technology), the MSc IT and Applied Security, and the MSc IT Management (MSc. ITM).

    The majority of well-known and preferred IT schools among students are affiliated with Tribhuvan University. Popular IT colleges under TU include Prime College, St. Xaviers College, National College of Computer Studies, Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT), Trinity International College, Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Asian School of Management and Technology, Patan Multiple Campus, Padma Kanya Multiple Campus and Amrit Science Campus. In the Kathmandu Valley, Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL), Patan Multiple Campus, and Bhaktapur Multiple Campus are the top government colleges that have been providing high-quality IT education for some time. The Pokhara University also oversees the Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) and the Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences. One of Purbanchal University's best known IT colleges is Kantipur City College.

    Here is the list of top IT colleges in Nepal by National Affiliation (GROUP A) and International Affiliations  (GROUP B).

    Top IT Colleges in Nepal affiliated to Nepalese Universities (GROUP A)

    1. Prime College
    Prime College, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, is renowned for its outstanding faculty and esteemed academics, scholars, and specialists. Prime College provides top-notch academic programs and a burgeoning intellectual community.

    With collaborations between numerous organizations, including CISCO, IT Policy Program (ITPP), Seoul National University, Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN), and Young Innovations, Prime College has been concentrating on the complete development of its students. It is one of the top colleges in Kathmandu affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

    The following IT-related courses are offered by Prime College: Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), Bachelor of Application Computer (BCA) and Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Technology (BSc CSIT).

    Address: Nayabazar, Khusibun, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-4361690, 01-4970072

    2. St. Xavier’s College
    St. Xavier's College, a Catholic university sponsored by the Society of Jesus in Nepal, was founded in 1988 AD (Jesuits). This college offers both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a variety of topics, including the scientific sciences, business, social sciences, and humanities, in addition to intermediate level educational courses (+2 and A-levels). Among them, the IT industry may be the ideal fit for those looking for the top IT colleges. The Tribhuvan University-affiliated higher education degree programs were initially established in 1988 in response to a call to all intellectually capable and socially responsible men and women.

    IT related Programs offered by St. Xavier's College are Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) and BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT).

    Address: Maitighar, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-4221365, 4244636

    3. National College of Computer Studies  
    The National College of Computer Studies (NCCS), a college of IT and management with a strong focus on professionalism, was founded in Kathmandu in 1999. It is made up of multifaceted experts regarded as the best in the field. It prepares all students to perform exceptionally well as well as to meet the challenges of the quickly changing market. NCCS is completely committed to offering students a university education. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University, the prominent and oldest university in Nepal.

    In this regard, it offers a four-year bachelor's degree program in Information Management (BIM), a four-year bachelor's degree program in Business Management (BBM), a four-year bachelor's degree program in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT), and a four-year bachelor's degree program in Computer Application (BCA).

    Address: Paknajol, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-4251711, 4228807, 4267866, 4268221

    4. Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT)
    Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) was founded with the intention of graduating engineers and other technical professionals capable of handling the demands of an industrial work environment that is becoming more and more globally linked. Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) is a partnership between Nepalese businesspeople and the software firm Deerwalk Inc., situated in the United States.

    Under the affiliation with Tribhuvan University, Deerwalk Institute provides a Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT) and a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

    Address: Sifal, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-4575446

    5. Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT)

    Nepal College of Information Technology was founded in 2001 with the goal of offering top-notch instruction in the many engineering disciplines. NCIT, which is associated with Pokhara University, has established a reputation as one of Nepal's top universities for engineering degrees and presently provides Bachelor's and Master's programs.

    NCIT offers the following IT degree (undergraduate studies) options: Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, Bachelor in Computer Application, Bachelor of Software Engineering and Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering. The graduate programs include Master of Computer Engineering, Master of Computer Information System and Master of Computer Science.

    Address: Balkumari, Lalitpur
    Phone:  01-5186354, 5186358

    6. Trinity International College
    Affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Trinity International SS & College is the leading College in Nepal for qualitative +2 NEB and Cambridge A Levels at the higher secondary stage. Trinity is a symbol of academic success. The College features a friendly atmosphere, cutting-edge facilities, and reputable teachers. The institution makes sure that student needs and academic support go hand in hand. It is run by a dedicated team of professionals who are guided by excellent national and international advisers.

    Trinity offers BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) courses.

    Address: Dillibazar Height, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-4445955, 4445956

    7. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
    Established in 2003, The Tribhuvan University-affiliated Kathford International College of Engineering and Management is a top-tier engineering and management school where instruction extends outside the classroom, allowing students to develop technical expertise and professional skills that result in an excellent learning environment and exceptional employability. Kathford thinks that when you are allowed to think freely, given outstanding resources and a nurturing environment for your knowledge, and participating in analytical conversation, you learn more effectively.

    The academic programs related to the field of IT are BE in Computer Engineering, BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

    Address: Chyasal Road, Balkumari, Lalitpur
    Phone:  01-5186046, 01-5186112

    8. Kantipur City College
    Kantipur City College is quickly becoming a premier location for high-quality training and education. The multidisciplinary courses it offers are designed to increase students' potential while also strengthening their problem-solving skills. KCC Programs are University-based programs that are improved through establishing and sustaining alliances with industry, business, and the local community. Teachers, advisors/mentors, researchers, frequent evaluations, and feedback are all areas of focus for KCC faculty.

    Affiliated to Purbanchal University, Kantipur City College is one of the best colleges in Putalisadak, Kathmandu that offers various courses related to IT. They are: Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Electronics Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), and Masters of Computer Applications (MCA).

    Address: Putalisadak, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-4530239, 4537093

    9. Asian School of Management and Technology
    Asian School of Management & Technology (ASMT), a state – of – art management and science college, is established with a view to cater the needs of a full-fledged IT and Management college. Asian School of Management and Technology is fully committed to impart quality education in a highly stimulating academic environment.  Graduate and undergraduate IT and Management courses are offered by ASMT at reasonable prices in a highly academic setting. In affiliation with Tribhuvan University, ASMT is devoted to providing top-notch instruction in a dynamic learning environment. The college works to develop the skilled labor force needed in the management and IT industries.

    In affiliation with Tribhuvan University, ASMT offers courses as: Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

    Address: Gongabu Chowk, RingRoad, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-5900364

    10. Patan Multiple Campus  
    One of Tribhuvan University's most well-known constituent campuses is Patan Multiple Campus. It occupied about 27,296 sq. m. area. The campus is located in Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur, Nepal, also known as the Newar community's capital city. It offers both Bachelors and Masters Program in the faculties of Humanities and social sciences, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Science.

    Patan Multiple Campus offers following academic programs related to the field of IT: BSC CSIT, Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT).

    Address: Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur
    Phone:  01-5549133

    11. Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences (GCES)
    Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences was established in 2003 in the western region of Nepal which offers different courses on Information Technology Field. It is affiliated with Pokhara University and has been running successful Bachelor and Master Engineering programs with good grades. The emphasis on projects and practical training alongside a strong theoretical foundation is one of Gandaki's academic programs' distinguishing characteristics. Students that take advantage of this opportunity are especially well-prepared for industrial careers, receiving training in research and entrepreneurship. Through the incorporation of methodologies, research initiatives, and creative learning, GCES is improving engineering education.

    The IT academic programs offered by Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences are Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Bachelor in Software Engineering and Master of Information Systems Engineering.

    Address: Lamachaur, Pokhara
    Phone:  61-443866

    12. Padma Kanya Campus
    Padma Kanya Multiple Campus (PKMC) was established in 1951 (Aswin 2008 B.S.) as first women’s campus of Nepal. The Padma Kanya Multiple Campus (PKMC) offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science and information technology (B.Sc. CSIT), computer application (BCA), and information technology (BIT), all of which are affiliated with Tribhuvan University. Since 2019, Padma Kanya Multiple Campus has raised the bar for excellence in academic instruction and hospitality. PKMC as a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University has been imparting education to women from Nepal, India, Sri-Lanka, Korea and many other countries.
    Address:  Bagbazaar, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-4224149, 4221712

    13. Amrit Science Campus
    Originally known as Public Science College (PUSCOL), Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL), the only pure science college in Nepal, was named after its founding principal and chemistry professor, the late Amrit Prasad Pradhan. He founded this institution in an effort to encourage the study of science and technology in Nepal.

    It is a government college that is part of the Institute of Science and Technology and affiliated to Tribhuvan University, located in the center of the Kathmandu Valley. More than 1000 students have enrolled at the Campus for higher education, and it has been successful in delivering essential knowledge and top-notch instruction for graduate and postgraduate degrees.

    Amrit Science Campus offers BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT),  and Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT).

    Address:  Lainchaur, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-4411637

    Foreign University affiliated Top IT Colleges in Nepal (GROUP B)

    1. Islington College
    Established in 1996, the college has had nearly a couple of decade’s long experience in providing quality and industry-ready IT and Business degrees in direct partnership with London Metropolitan University, UK. The college is the first academic institution in Nepal’s higher education history to run a UK university undergraduate programme. Islington College offers bachelor’s and master's degrees in business administration and information technology.

    The IT courses offered by Islington Colleges are MSc IT & Applied Security, BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technologies, BSc (Hons) Computing, BSc (Hons) Mobile Application Development, BSc (Hons) Computer Networking & IT Security and BSc (hons) Computing with Artificial Intelligence.

    Address: Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-5970012

    2. The British College
    The British College, founded in 2011, provides top-notch instruction for aspirant Nepali students to get credentials from its two partner British universities, the University of the West of England (UWE) and Leeds Beckett University (LBU), UK. The British College aims to provide students opportunity and a global learning experience. They further elaborate on their local-to-global strategy by offering degrees and courses that are taught by administrators and tutors from the UK and Nepal. In this way, the College offers a high-quality education that forces students and faculty to think internationally, a concept that is further supported by the worldwide corporations that participate in our student exchange programs and internships.

    The IT related courses by The British College are: BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics (University of the West of England UK), BSc (Hons) Computing (Leeds Beckett University, UK) and MSc Information and Technology   (Leeds Beckett University, UK).
    Address: Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu
    Phone:  01-5970003

    3. Herald College
    Herald College is one of the top-notch education institution providing the best IT and Business degrees in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Every year, Herald College Kathmandu holds a competition where students can win scholarships to attend a 15-Day Summer Camp run by the University of Wolverhampton, UK, based on their work, aptitude, and knowledge.

    The college offers the BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and BA (Hons) International Business Management qualification from the University of Wolverhampton (WLV).

    Address: Naxal Bhagawati Marga, Kathmandu
    Phone: 01-5970120

    4. Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF)
    Lord Buddha Education Foundation is the First IT College of Nepal. Founded in 1998, the Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF) has a well-established tradition of excellence across a broad range of academic disciplines. Lord Buddha Education Foundation & College for Professional Studies have collaborated with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Malaysia to offer UG & PG courses in IT & Management.

    Lord Buddha Education Foundation & College for Professional Studies have been permitted by Ministry of Education, Nepal Government to run the courses from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Malaysia. The Asia Pacific University of Technology is duly recognized by Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

    LBEF offers IT related courses by Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation. They are: BSc IT Cloud Computing, BSc (Hons) in Information Technology (BSc IT), BSc IT Network Computing, MSc in Information Technology Management (MSc. ITM) and MSc in Information Technology (MSc IT).

    Address: Maiti Devi Marg, Kathmandu
    Phone: 01- 4444356

    5. NAMI
    NAMI (Naaya Aayam Multi-disciplinary Institute) was founded by a group of like-minded, accomplished, and dedicated Nepali citizens with the goal of establishing an educational center of excellence to support Nepal's social and economic development. NAMI is being developed as Nepal’s premium Educational Institution in partnership with the University of Northampton (UoN), United Kingdom for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, A Levels under Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and +2 under Nepal Examination Board (NEB).

    The international academic programs (IT Related) at NAMI College are Bachelor of Science (Honors) Computing, Bachelor of Science (Honors) Software Engineering, Bachelor of Science (Honors) Network Engineering and Master of Science Computing.

    Address: Gokarneshwor-7, Jorpati, Kathmandu
    Phone: 01-4917441 /442 /443 /444

    6. Softwarica College of Information Technology and E-commerce
    Established in 2010, Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce is one of the leading institutions dedicated to providing quality IT education in a fully-integrated, multicultural environment. The College has developed unparalleled expertise in providing IT education and training programs to Nepali Students.

    Collaborating with the reputed UK-based Coventry University, Softwarica has been running undergraduate IT programmes including BSc (Hons) Computing and BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity.

    Academic programs offered by Softwarica College of Information Technology and E-commerce are B.Sc. Computing and Bachelor’s Degree in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity.

    Address: Maitri Marg, Dillibazar, Kathmandu
    Phone: 01-4525661, 01-4541577

    7. ISMT College
    International School of Management and Technology (ISMT) was established in 2011 with a mission to deliver internationally recognized qualifications. ISMT offers a range of qualifications in collaboration with the University of Sunderland, PEARSON BTEC, and ACCA, UK. ISMT aims to give industry-relevant education and make higher education accessible and advantageous to all people with the will and aptitude to succeed. It exists to have an impact on Nepal's educational system.

    ISMT is dedicated to provide inclusive, affordable, and internationally renowned academic programs within the framework of fundamental local needs and values. Our objective is to provide more students with high-quality, transformative education that will suit their needs and benefit society. Students who graduate from ISMT with a degree from the UK will have access to a bright career on a global scale.

    ISMT offers BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering (University of Sunderland, UK), an IT academic course.

    Address: Tinkune, Gairigaun, Kathmandu
    Phone: 01-4112122